Honeydewww Activated

Checking out the traffic statistic, it seems like somehow Honeydewww still have visitors. So yeah, Assalamualaikum and Hello to you!! ^__^

Subhanallah Alhamdulillah Allahuakbar. I am writing again. *Fuhh..fuhhhh* Go away spiderwebs, go away dusts! Honeydewww certainly needs some editing to be done especially on About Me that states I am 18! haha..I am 21 this year, yet 20 for now. I admit that I salute those who are persistent for years when it comes to blogging cos for some people, hectic life is a lifelong excuse. *me sighing*

Since Honeydewww was left idle for nearly two years, the blogger needs an update too! FIRST, I am no longer living in the United Kingdom (UK), back to Malaysia for good nonetheless hoping to be there again insha Allah, where a portion of my heart lies (x However my blogposts will still touch a bit of British/European matters.

SECOND, I completed first half of A-level in Swansea, finished off IIUM foundation studies and currently a first year Dental student of IIU…

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SAR: sr Al-Munir