Sunday, 2 September 2018

My thoughts: Ergobaby Adapt carrier

Our first baby carrier was Ergobaby Adapt. It took me months and lots of googling and reading to finally decide that its the choice! 
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Out and about with little Kawthar. I think
I should have adjusted her seat.
Price: Rm499 - Rm699
Availability: Lazada, Shopee, Little Whiz, Mothercare, Bebehause, Applecrumbyandfish


1) Can be used from newborn (at least weighing 3.2kg)

- Most SSC baby carriers are only for 4 months above. Do double check. Eventhough your baby exceeds recommended weight, do not use it if baby is not yet 4mo. Why 4mo? At that age, they have strong and consistent head and neck control and their backbones are stronger.

- I wanted to use a SSC baby carrier as soon as I can hence this is a WIN criteria! I didn't think wraps or ring sling would suit me. 

2) No infant insert needed

- Adapt is the only Ergo line that needs no insert. 

- Only by looking at it, I could sense that its tooooo warm for Malaysia! Kan??! I mean I don't plan to use it in malls or air conditioned places only.. Proven from many reviews that its quite warm. 

Image result for infant insert ergobaby
How to use an infant insert?
3) Grow with your baby!

- Can hold up to 20kg and it has bigger panel width and taller panel height compared to other versions of Ergo. 

- This means you can think of an upgrade at later time compared to others. Jimat!

4) Plain simple colour & pattern

- Unlike other Ergos, Adapt is only limited to solid colours like grey, black and blue with no patterns. 

- To me, senang nak match dengan baju! I like! 😆

5) Because its Ergo? 

- Most famous reputed brand worlwide. Senang terpengaruh betul 🙈


1) Great lumbar support

- Adapt has waistbelt that covers the lumbar part of backbones. This makes it tighten very well around waist. Tak banyak SSC yang ada feature ini. Selalunya SSC ada buckles je di tengah-tengah. 

- My husband's spine is a little curvy on lumbar area which can hurt sometimes. So, this lumbar support gave him comfort and he loves this feature so much!

Related image
Straps can be criss-crossed for more snug - first for Ergo carrier!

2) Super easy to adjust when baby grows

- The seat width can be adjusted to 3 levels: A, B, C. As baby grows, their height increases so to ensure the seat support the leg accordingly, the width must increase. 

- When Kawthar first used it at around 1 month old, she started with level A. After few months, we noticed the seat width no longer support her legs in a KNEE-TO-KNEE position. Then, we adjusted the velcro to level B. No wonder the name is Adapt. this SSC is so adaptable 👍

Image result for adjustable seat width in ergobaby adapt

3) Attached hood & pocket

Image result for hood ergobaby adapt
Hoodie ON

- The hood is not detachable but when not in use, you can just tuck it away into the pocket. When in need, just snap onto the shoulder strap. We use it when we go out under the sun and I think hood is a must for a baby carrier. Baby can still peek out anyway.

- I'm a person who loves pockets. Buat baju kurung je mesti nak poket 😀 Sometimes, I just need to bring a handphone and money when going out with my baby so a pocket is all what I need. Very handy. I like! 

4) Cushioned and foldable head and neck support

- Untuk baby yang kecil, kepala dan tengkuk mereka masih belum kuat. Lembik. Masih belum boleh kawal dengan baik. Adapt ni ada macam kusyen di tengkuk untuk sokongan tambahan. 

- When Kawthar was a newborn, we folded the support inside to make it more comfy. As she grows up and there's little space inside, we folded it outside. Boleh juga tinggikan kusyen tu. Adjust pada butang. Easy as 1,2,3. 

Related image
When folded outside, lighter grey

Ergobaby Adapt is an innovative kind of SSC, its really good with lots of features that other SSC do not have. But I guess its true, everyone has a unique taste. Somehow, there are things I don't like too..😅

1) It's not simple

- Ironically, the innovative part makes it not as simple as other SSC. I took time to learn and adapt to it (ironi betul kan?!). This means when changing wearer (i.e.from my husband to me), it takes a little bit of time to do adjustments needed. My husband was more expert at adjusting it and it fit him well so I usually just let my husband use it cos I was too lazy to adjust. Haha. He loved this Ergobaby Adapt anwyay!

Image result for ergobaby adapt cartoon
3 ways: front, hip and back carry
2) Padded shoulder

- Some people find it cushy and comfy for their body. But I think because my body frame is quite petite, I felt it a little bit bulky for my shoulder. How did I realize that? After trying Jumpsac SSC! 😁 Later I learnt that one carrier may suit one's body more than another so it's good to rent first before getting one. 

At the end, I let go my Ergobaby Adapt. It was awesome but not meant for me. What made me decide to let it go? After I found Jumpsac baby SSC, local made carrier. 

I hope you will find THE ONE too!

Till then,

Monday, 27 August 2018

Baby carrier: How to wear it safely

Is it safe? Is this safe? Is that safe? I think this is one of common questions parents ask themselves whenever they introduce something to a child. Same goes to baby carriers. Any safe baby gear that is used incorrectly, can be dangerous. 

This guide is really a basic one. If you need hands-on guidance, you can seek help from babywearing experts or ask in the MBW fb group to troubleshoot. This guide is to be followed AFTER you find a good ergonomic baby carrier. 

1) Airway: Ensure baby's airway stays open. How? Follow RULES TICKS. 

2) Body positioning: Baby must be M-shaped positioned in the carrier from front view. Tak boleh terkangkang besar. There must be also knee-to-knee support which means no hanging knees. Baby's knees must be higher than bum. This is important for baby's hip and growing bones. 

Image result for m shaped position baby carrier
Knees at M position (front view)
Image result for m shaped position baby carrier
J shaped (side view)

Crotch/narrow-based carriers cause hanging knees
3) Comfort: Carrier should be comfortable for both baby and babywearer. Bila pakai tu, rasa sedap dan snug. Pernah sekali tu, suami saya tak ketatkan salah 1 shoulder strap SSC betul2 ketika kendong Kawthar dan bila balik rumah, dia sakit belakang. Bila beban tak betul2 distributed, badan si pemakai pun boleh sakit. 


1) TIGHT - Pastikan badan si pemakai rapat dengan badan bayi. Boleh rasa badan bersentuhan dan baby carrier tak longgar. Bayi tak boleh slumped down dalamnya. Must fit well. Untuk SSC, kena adjust di bahagian semua buckles dan untuk Ring sling, adjust di bahagian ring. Lain carrier, lain caranya. 

2) IN VIEW AT ALL TIMES - Maksudnya si pemakai boleh nampak muka bayi just by glancing down tanpa ada kain yang menghalangnya. Sesetengah baby carrier ada hood untuk halang dari cahaya matahari contohnya BabyErgo Adapt. Kalau nak pakai tu, mungkin jangan lama-lama atau selalu buka hood untuk periksa keadaan bayi. 

3) CLOSE ENOUGH TO KISS - Nak cium kepala bayi, tunduk je! That's the indication of the closeness. Kalau tak boleh, maksudnya bayi terlalu rendah dan kena betulkan laras tinggi baby carrier. 

Image result for rule ticks baby carrier

4) KEEP CHIN OFF THE CHEST - Posisi ini penting untuk pastikan bayi senang dan boleh bernafas. This is particularly important for small babies as they don't have good control of neck yet. Mengikut pengalaman sendiri, biasanya Kawthar sandar pipi dia pada chest Baba/Mama. 

5) SUPPORTED BACK - This can be achieved when baby is held closely and the carrier covers her back comfortably to ensure natural back positioning. Bila carrier longgar dan tak fit well, bahagian belakang bayi mungkin akan slumped down. 

Image result for rule ticks baby carrier
  Wear your baby safely!

Happy babywearing. Till then.

Friday, 24 August 2018

Baby carrier: Do's and Dont's

Baba wearing Kawthar :)
Baby carrier was in my MUST-HAVE list for baby gears. I listed it that way before Kawthar was born and I still think it is. I bring it everywhere I go and its super helpful to my life til now 😃 If you fancy of having one, I suggest you to follow FB group Malaysian Babywearers (MBW). Despite me being a silent reader, I learnt a lot from the group. 

Zaman dulu orang buat sendiri DIY je baby carrier ni. Mereka guna kain batik lepas. Tapi sekarang, macam-macam jenis baby carrier di pasaran. However, please read on the guidelines first before buying one. Sebab jenis baby carrier ni banyak dan kena periksa kesesuaiannya untuk badan bayi dan pemakai.

Types of baby carriers:

1) Wrap
2) Ring sling
3) Pouch
4) Soft structured carrier (SSC)
5) Mei Tai

Personally, I have tried ring sling, Ergobaby SSC, Jumpsac SSC, Lennylamb SSC and also DIY kain batik sling. So much fun in trying all those! But first, what are the DO's and DONT's before getting one?

Image result for ring slingRelated image
  Ring Sling (Babywrap)            Mei Tai (Diddymos)


1) Ensure the baby carrier is ergonomic

- In other words, the design must be safe and provide comfort for babies. Examples of non-ergonomic ones are hip carrier, crotch carrier and front-facing carrier. Tapi macam biasa dan ok je nampak orang pakai hip carrier kan? 

Asalnya hip carrier ni orang cipta untuk menyenangkan parents dukung anak. Macam gambar bawah ni, parent biasanya akan peluk badan anak. Like we always carry our child but with support underneath. But then it evolves to ones with shoulder straps and all, which means the baby carrier holds the child completely. This design is dangerous for baby's growing bones. Other non-ergonomic carriers can also cause hip dysplasia which is joint dislocation. As for front-facing carriers like Ergobaby 360, the brand itself advises the wearer to limit the front-facing time period (15 mins, maybe?) since its not an ergonomic position.

 Hip carrier with straps     

Image result for hip carrier icon
Hip Carrier 
2) Check the age suitability

- Do take note that not all baby carriers are suitable for all ages. Read instructions carefully, do not just rely on salesperson's statement. Most SSC baby carriers (with no inserts) are suitable for 4 months and above due to stronger back bones. Newborns are advised to use wraps, ring sling or kain batik lepas. My first baby carrier was SSC Ergobaby Adapt which suits from 3.2kg-20kg. Kawthar was 3.4kg when she was born hence eligible to use it. I didn't prefer SSC with an infant insert as it seems hot and stuffy for Malaysia weather.
Image result for ergobaby adapt age
           Transitions in Ergobaby Adapt

Examples of SSC baby carriers that can be used from newborn are LennyUp, Ergobaby Adapt, Tula FTG, Kinderpack infant, Tugeda Ideal, Kokadi Flip, Babyvibes Start and Emeibaby. 

3) Try out before buying

- My mistake was that I didn't try on myself before buying my Ergobaby Adapt - it suits my husband but not me. It's hard to tell whether one suits you or not unless you try it on you. Since everyone has different body structure hence the preference. Apart from that, some may opt for SSC because its quick to handle while some may feel wraps are more comfy. Choosing type of carrier that suits you best is important. 

You can either go to baby shops to try or rent from individuals. Even when buying online, its advisable to survey offline beforehand. You'll be surprised to find out some babies like one over another!


1) Use fake carriers 

Please please don't go for cheap fake ones. Its better to go for second hand authentic or DIY baby carriers. Be very careful when buying one as there are so many fake baby carriers sold online. Most commonly found are Ergo and Beco. Some claimed that they can sell way cheaper because its taken directly from factory..which are lies. You can detect the authenticity by comparing with original one like in this site.
Image result for buckle baby carriers
Buckles have specifications too
Pernah juga dengar orang cakap, ala baby carrier je pun..kena original juga? Yaaaa wajib! Baby carrier yang tak original ni ada kemungkinan masalah dengan buckle, jahitan tidak kuat, strap yang tidak sesuai dan lain2. Your baby's safety can be compromised. There were cases of baby falling off the carrier due to broken buckles (made of cheap materials). Do not take this risk. Kalau tak mampu beli yang baru mahal, pilih jenama tempatan yang murah (Tugeda, Jumpsac etc) atau boleh sahaja DIY guna kain batik lepas untuk buat sling yang cantik. Boleh tengok di Youtube. Saya pernah DIY, maid nenek saya dari Indonesia ajar. Dia suka kendong Kawthar guna cara tu..kemas tau 😊

2) Buy unapproved carriers

There are experts in MBW group who checked the quality of stitching, fabrics and materials used for a carrier. They have their own standard guidelines for safety. Among  unapproved carriers are Andrea, Sweet Cherry SSC, Mak Yang,Raku-Raku, Suppori, Emme Wrap, Geo SSC, Manjaku Happy, Kgroo ssc. Some may not be in the list because the company has not sent the carrier prototype for quality checking. You can see full list here.

Be cautious and do double check, ok? 

Kawthar in JumpSac
Kami jarang pakai stroller semasa Kawthar bawah 10 bulan. Bila dia dah mula makin berat, barulah kami pakai stroller. Tapi baby carrier tetap bawa kemana-mana. Sesetengah tempat tak stroller-friendly ataupun guna bila nak do a quick shopping. Many more circumstances. 

My husband and I enjoy babywearing so much. Women can also learn to breastfeed when wearing one. I hope you'll get to enjoy it too.

Till then,

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Which baby’s thermometer to choose?

I have never thought I would need a thermometer at home UNTIL I have a baby of my own. 

I hate to sound pressuring ugh but yes its a must-have item. Fever for a small child isn’t like adults’. We have to keep monitoring every one hour to keep the temperature as low as possible. Babies can get seizure when their body is too hot. If a baby is below 3 months old, fever is alarming and needs hospital visit. 

Mula-mula dulu, sebelum bersalin saya beli termometer jenis yang letak di bawah ketiak. Jenis ni murah, sesuai la dengan bajet kami. Tapi makin lama pakai, makin geram pula rasa. Nak dapat reading tu lama juga. Dengan baby nangis gerak2 lagi, hilang pula reading. Dahla screen gelap. Bila malam2 waktu crucial untuk periksa suhu, kena buka lampu lain pula. Bila buka lampu bilik, baby terganggu dan nangis pula!  Dramatis sangat. Walau bagaimanapun, kami guna hampir setahun juga sampai bateri habis 😂 

Thermometer has few types:

1) Digital thermometers (oral, rectal, axillary)
2) Electronic ear thermometer 
3) Forehead thermometers
4) Plastic “fever” strip thermometers
5) Pacifier thermometer
6) Glass and mercury thermometers

We then opted for head & ear thermometer! It was undoubtedly the best decision we made. Yes, it can be used for both head and ear. It basically solved all the problems.


Price: Rm 120-160
Available: Pharmacy and online shops

Best features: 
✅Fast detection (0.5sec! 😤)
✅For ear &head (surface)
✅Backlight ⚡️
✅Show last reading 
✅Store up to 30 readings 
✅Have green & red lights to alert if temperature is too high (although you definitely should know the border)
✅Small and portable 
✅Auto shut off
✅Warranty up to 3 years

👎 Expensive

Lepas dah guna termometer baru ni, rasa macam rugi pula tak beli dari awal. Senang guna dan tak leceh. Klik sekali keluar reading..tak perlu loading sebelum guna. Baby pun tak mengelak. Personally, saya suka guna di telinga. 

If you can find other brands with similar features (especially the first 3), you may as well go for it. Thermometer is considered as an electrical appliance hence the warranty. There are actually cheaper ones which are from China on Shopee or Lazada. Ear thermometers are usually more expensive hence the difference in price. Example of forehead (only) thermometer as in below picture, sold as low as Rm 30.

Image result for thermometer forehead

                                        Famous forehead thermometer 

Some have good reviews but my concern was on the warranty hence it wasn’t my preference. This type of thermometer usually doesn't come with warranty. However, having one of these would definitely be better than none.

Keep for next child, maybe? But hey, choice is always in our hands. Never be affected :)

Till then,

My thoughts: Ergobaby Adapt carrier

Our first baby carrier was Ergobaby Adapt. It took me months and lots of googling and reading to finally decide that its the choice!  ...