Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Summarise me

I just realized that I've never introduced myself as the author of Honeydewww's blogposts..

Assalamualaikum, Selamat, Hello, Bonjour, Ni hao, Vanakkam, Hola, Ciao!

I'm Nur Nabilah Muhaimin, the host of Qurrata 'Ayun blog. I started blogging in 2007 when I was living in Britain and thus, most of my writings here talk about what I went through back then. So, don't get confused when reading my post before and after December '10 since I'm located in Malaysia currently.

Being born in Sept 1992 in Teluk Intan, Perak, Malaysia makes it my hometown albeit Swansea, Wales was my temporary hometown. A happy daughter to Muhaimin Sulam & Wan Noraidah Wan Ismail and also a cheeky sister to Nur Najihah, I was born in a colourful family. Having Jawa/Java blood from my father's side as well as my grandparents from my mother's side being Thailand/Siam and Arab ancestry have surprisedly made me Malay! My teacher once teased me when I told him about my family, he went "Then what are you??" with a funny face.

Regardless of my background, I only (half)master Malay and English, a bit of Arabic and French and a tiny tiny little bit of Jawa, Welsh and Thai. Someone asked me on formspring "How to improve english grammar apart from by reading?" My answer was "Start writing something in English like a diary or blog and try to use a wide range of vocabulary with help from and this can increase your vocabulary and thus making it easier to form sentences. Besides, when listening to an English conversation, listen to it carefully and watch their grammar usage."

My first school is Sra Al-Munir where I had my UPSR. Then, I started secondary school with Smka Tok Bachok and then moved to Smk Seri Perak. At the age of 14, I attended a British school called Bishop Gore Comprehensive School where I did O-level and started A-level. At the same time, I went to Swansea College for a year. Oh, I skipped PMR and SPM.

>>> Once upon a time, a visit to the Maqam of Syuhada Karbala
in Dimashq, Syria.

Some issues raised when I wanted to continue my another year A-level in Malaysia, thus I changed to a foundation study. Centre for Foundation Studies, International Islamic University Malaysia (UIAM) accepted my application and here I am. If you happen to be around there, do say Hello to me! I'd be more than happy to know you.

This might sounds weird...but tap water used to be my favourite. Tap water in most places around UK can be drank unlike in Malaysia...therefore there's absolutely no need to heat the water (in order to drink) or even filter it. It's cold. My habit in the morning was to drink it before taking breakfast and I'm always tempted to do so in here! ...and I even slipped once.

I'm into volunteering. The world I knew from FOSIS, ISOC, Islamic Relief (IR), Muslim Aid, British Red Cross, Amnesty etc during my wayfaring in Swansea. I'd really love to join Islamic Relief Malaysia's programs but sadly, they didn't email me like they said when I filled up the member form. I miss street collection where you hold a bucket in the street wearing IR shirts and asking people if they have changes and want to donate. I have never tried it in Malaysia but it sure will be exciting to do in your own country.

I used to draw zirraffe and zebra a lot.
I prefer turquoise and lime green.
I miss Swansea.
I really really really want to eat the cheese savoury baguette like the one in my school!!
I like crabs but allergic to it.
I love jubah/jilbabs.
I own an Oxygen mobile.
I tried and liked Mee Darik from Dong Yi Shun Restaurant.
I don't really drink hot drinks.
I have facebook, formspring, friendster and blogspot.
I have a passion for reading, travelling and cycling.
I find it hard to write though I have two blogs.
I dream of becoming an amazing person!
( one does?)

14 years in Malaysia + 4 years in the UK = 18 years of being a Muslim.

All praises to Allah for everything!

from Perak with love,

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