Friday, 19 November 2010

From Wales to Perak

Departed at 12.35pm
Swansea train station,
Swansea UK
One of the last pictures together before catching train - surrounded by lots of bags! I miss my lil friends so much...they sometimes are more fun to be with than 'big' friends. From left; Johan, Amel and Elia.

Everyone carries bags even Little Amel. Believe it or not, 4 of us couldn't manage to carry those...hmm just imagine if you're moving out of country, how many bags you must take with you?

Elia and aunty cried, Johan running towards train and Amel looking blankly leaving tears in me. Ahh...this place left too many wonderful memories in us!

Plane taking off at 6 o'clock in the morning.
Heathrow airport, London.

Note 1: Don't take flight in early morning anymore, you got to wake up very early to check in. This is not including arranging bags, a long queue and settling unpredictable additional payments. sleepy zzzz~~

Note 2: Don't leave your stuff in the aeroplane!!! Especially the one you loved.

Gulf Air arrived at 9.46am
Kl Malaysia.

The awkward feeling raised was when coming out of the plane and seeing around the airport that most people are Malaysians and speak Malay - you feel like you belong to it!

The funny thing was when we were about to land, the stewards and stewardess gave out a little card for visa matter to everyone to fill it in and give to border force later...just like what we did when crossing UK border everytime we travel outside UK. I was like "Oh yeah we got to fill that in", but turned out that the stewardess didn't hand us one. Wondering why...

Obviously, its my country! I've got Malaysia citizenship! Don't need visa! Ayoyo..

Bursting out deep missing.

At last..we are together :)

Its been a week and 3 days since then...and yet I'm still going through an adaptation process. And it was my first eid in my hometown after the forth eid in abroad! Somehow I can't believe I am back for good...feel like its only holiday. Someone wake me up! Ahha!

Hoping for the best to come inshallah.

Love is always around~

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