Luckily, I have Allah..

Perlukah dipertikaikan?

baru kasut, belum lagi..

Still, the same thought at dissimilar site

Dari Pak Cik Google

loads of wishes to be wished

Alkisah Bonfire Nite***

The Most Outstanding New Teacher of The Year (of UK) is from my school!

I want my mummy

kulihat HIJAU..


Back to last year (Upin & Ipin 2 released)

ehh raya ke-4!


Ramadhan! It comes again!

-seeing people I love are happy is one of my happiness-

Improving Y Sense of Humour :D

Owh my God!

Tukang punggah, Kamal Ataturk & Malaysia

Can I fly back without wings?

good old times..

ABC poem for cutey kids!

cheeky blogger