Back to last year (Upin & Ipin 2 released)

5th October 2008

Back to last year Raya Aidilfitri, I was introduced to this so-called 'UPIN & IPIN' by K.Yana. Spreading it around to my cilik friends is the first thing I did after khatam watching it! UPIN & IPIN isnt complicated to understand lyk some cartoons/animations (e.g. TRANSFORMERS! =p). Well..not for some people who find Transformers so attractive and enjoy being in fantasy world lyk my uncle aged 25! hohoo =>. Back to the point. UPIN & IPIN is very close to our LIFE as well as our HEART. More to the Islam, Malay tradition and Malaysia culture - is what I find UPIN & IPIN like. In fact, its all about what I have experienced in my young age or when I was lil' girl.

As Im pretty sure most of you guys musn't feel strange to this cool thingy (hey,its so famous!), I wasnt about to introduce it, but just making an advertising(lol! ;)). Plus informing you their New Episodes (Upin & Ipin 2) because I just knew about the latest ones last week. It is very special to people whom dont live in Malaysia and those whom dont go on to channel TV9. Lyk ME! Special woo.

Upin & Ipin's special website - Get and watch more 'Upin & Ipin' video clips here! **. Currently, the latest one is up to Episode 17. And hey, I joined their fan club just now. Fancy one? Log up then.

Upin & Ipin 2 (episode 8)