The Most Outstanding New Teacher of The Year (of UK) is from my school!

28th October 2008
Ms. Natalie Richards

Believe it or not? Believe it.

Congrats to Mrs. Richards for winning an amazing award. Who would guess it would be OURS (Bishop Gore Comprehensive School) - the only award won by Wales' school in The Teaching Awards of UK!

We had a special assembly last week which was on the last day before half term break started to celebrate her winning. After we gathered in the great hall, Mrs. Richard walked in from the main door as she were on red carpet - with a cheering and clapping people around. I sat with Carol & Emma at the back which unable me to see her clearly. I wish I wouldn't sit there.

The ceremony which was held in London has been broadcasted by BBC. Astro people (Malaysia) who have this channel may be able to watch this. Popular woo =D The video can be watched through this link.