good old times..

11th April 2008

lazy days have gone..

less time for chilling out..

easter holiday has finished!

alhamdulillah, it's been so wonderful. How couldn't it be wonderful, anyway? It was 2 weeks, man! Enough time to lying down on the bed. haha. And guess wha?! I only had one homework and zer00 coursework. Thats what people called 'Easter Break'. weehee :))

But, it doesnt last long. Coming back to skool, I got a number of coursework & homework! fuhh~ Time for refreshing the brain.

Easter holiday's full schedule.

Elia's birthday party.

Auntie Chaterine's sleepover.


Brecon Beacon National Park.

Qur'an class with Syeikh Mohsin.

Spending some more time in Manchester would be the important one, i guess. One of the aims was to visit a new baby of PCik Raja & Cik Su. She is extremely cute and you know wha, she weighed 5.1kg! I got to stretch my arms to make her fit on my lap :D Owh yea, that lil' cute baby named Raja Iman Sofea. "comel.comel.comel!"

Ayah spent most of time with PCik Raja talking about 'Politics in Malaysia' (what else then?) as the election was finished just about 2 weeks on that time plus they both have been to 'politics world'. Nevertheless, we wont just spend our days in Manchester and do nothing. So, we planned to go to Liverpool. 'Express Planning' ( we did this every single time we went to M'cr!) Then..we went!


Safari Park was the first destination. Here, the thing is 'you are locked, animals are free'. And masyallah, I really enjoyed it. Even the baboons pooed on my car and broke the wiper! ahha~ Lions, camels, and about 10 more animals that I dunno what their names are I have met, touched and taken picture of. Camera is the first thing, bdwy :-p

Then we went to Liverpool town, for the first time. Its so beautiful woo.~ I do really love the buildings. The Beatles Museum in Edward Court, Everton FC Stadium, Liverpool FC Stadium (just passed by bcos there was a game on that time), and parents' friend's house were the next destinations. Fun!

Snow day!

weeeheeeeee :)) Im lovin' it! Unfortunately, it wasnt heavy snow. Nvm, at least we've got it for this year. Alhamdulillah. On the 1st snow day, we spent most of time at home. huhu~ Ayah was in Dublin on that time. The snow has fallen twice in the morning and that day was pretty cool. There was snow in the morning, sunny, raining, hailstorm and sunny again! Very cold day, by the way.

And guess wha, on the 2nd snow day, I went to skool! owhhh~~ It wasnt like last year. Ayah had to pick my sis & me up straight away from skool after been informed by skool just bcos it was snow day! I wont forget that precious memory. =)

Basically, these schedule isnt complete and will not be completed. hehe. Nearly forget tho.
Its just bcos I haven't got enough time to type those up. Skool and exam's stuffs, aa~.