12th October 2008

Catching a glimpse of the above picture, you might have an idea that I'm happy (unless you think that's a natural face of Chinese baby!). Yes, I am delighted, blissful and pleased so much! I was thinking why cant I write something about what I feel for my own satisfaction in my own blog? I've seen some bloggers who release their anger, annoy and dissatisfactions on their post. But I prefer to keep those rather than announce it. It might get far worse though - when it comes to a bad reputation except if its cheerful or cheery post released. Hey, you can even do press release for that! And here I am. (=

What I did? Hmm.. guess what. I did think this raya isnt as good as last year and i did think Raya in Malaysia is far awesome than here. I thought it was lyk that - first bcoz this is the first raya I celebrate without my late grandpa from my dad's side. Secondly, my grandpa from my mum's side had minor stroke in fourth raya, and thirdly, we cancelled a week Raya trip to Scotland for certain reasons et cetera. Its just get to my mind, this raya is so boring. I admit that it was not a good thought. But thats what I felt. Is it because there is gonna be less fun in raya when you're getting older or growing lyk some people said?

However, last weekend was making it much much much better. I made sushi - malay style, rendang ayam bla3. We had kinda lyk open house for Lampeter malays and also for A.Amir Syafiq who came from Bristol. The thing is my ibu went back to Malaysia last week for a month and yeah, we did cook! The menu was pretty good though - rendang ayam, rice cake, sushi, rojak+tauhu+cucur+salad, corn porridge, strawberry pie (tesco made :-p) and banana splits as desert. I supose those were okey-cooked otherwise people wont finish it! Thank you so much thank you to you people for the ziarah - they were 7 families from Lampeter and 1 family from Swansea. Sorry for any shortcomings. We are bringing our silaturrahim closer. You make me glad to be here.

At last, I started the six-day fast in Syawal today. Surely, Im so glad because I was planning to do it last weekend, but then I was ill. At the first, I had sore throat which I needed loads of water then fever then cold. This is a normal step I went through every single time when I had sore throat. That was caused by the heaters - all the heaters in schools are turning on now due to autumn/winter season. It absorbs your body water very well!

Alhamdulillah, I think my belly needs some rest after two weeks full of marvellous, sensational and superb foods! The 6-day fast has been done by our prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h and therefore as his 'ummah', why cant we? There is hadith which say, "He who fasts in the month of Ramadan followed by 6 days in Syawal, it is as if he has fasted for 1 year."

p/s: Beraya not to check out the food but for our silaturrahim. Remember that. You people who wish to come for raya to my house are warmly welcomed. :)


PrinCeSs NuR said…

Ariff Dean said...

tepat ke muka

hey, its good that you just keep anger and dissatisfaction away, it just makes you look bad
October 16, 2008 3:42 PM

PrinCeSs NuR said...

tepat eh.
i dint mean it to yu taw