Tuesday, 18 November 2008

loads of wishes to be wished

8th November 2008

Lyric of song underneath;

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Mama
Happy birthday to you.

Its for last Sunday - 2nd November.
I wish late here but on time(12am) on that day!
She's coming back tomorrow from Malaysia. yey!
Dreaming on the plane now, I guess. Or shopping in Dubai.hee.
Happy Birthday - Reggae

Alkisah Bonfire Nite***

5th November 2008Semalam 5 November - Bonfire Night! Banyak sangat fireworks dan sparklers kita boleh tengok pada tarikh ini. Mula dalam pukul 6.30 sampai 10pm. Bukan sendiri punya fireworks pun, rasa besh gak. Tengok pun jadilaa. Bunyi pun gempak Kebabomm!* Kebabooom* , buat orang excited nak tengok. Dahle tengah dalam kelas quran Sheikh Mohsin, tahan iman jer tengah hafal. hehe.

Tahu tak sejarah disebalik Bonfire Night?

Alkisahnye beratus tahun dahulu, King James 1st, seorang Kristian Protestant telah dilantik menjadi raja. Seperti yang semua orang tau, Protestant dan Katolik bukan satu kepala. Orang-orang Kristian Katolik kena praktik diorangnye agama secara sembunyi. Jadi, diorang ni mengharapkan King James 1st ni bolehla buat perubahan pada undang-undang kepada yang menyebelahi Katolik. Disebabkan King James 1st tak buat apa-apa perubahan, orang2 Katolik pun bengang la dengan raja ni.

Jadinye, ada sekumpulan Katolik ni merancang nak letupkan Houses of Parliament sebab pembukaan sidang Parlimen akan dirasmikan oleh King James 1st dan disitulah tempat penggubalan undang-undang UK. Strateginye - korek lubang bawah tanah Houses of Parliament pastu letupkan gunpowder kat situ, maka akan meletuplah Parlimen dan raja tuwh.

Seorang mamat Katolik ni, Guy Fawkes ditugaskan untuk nyalakan api kat fuse dan cabut lari seboleh yang mungkin. Tengah gelap2 malam 5 November, ketika dia nak nyalakan api...jeng jeng jeng! Polis datanggg, diorang kena tangkap dan gagallah racangan mereka. Siap kena gantung sampai mati lagi tuh. Tu aa pasal, buat jahat lagi. ish3.

Bagi menyambut si King James 1st dan Houses of Parliament tidak dibom oleh Guy Fawkes, maka Bonfire Night disambut seluruh Britain. Dan Houses of Parliament masih ada di London!

The Most Outstanding New Teacher of The Year (of UK) is from my school!

28th October 2008
Ms. Natalie Richards

Believe it or not? Believe it.

Congrats to Mrs. Richards for winning an amazing award. Who would guess it would be OURS (Bishop Gore Comprehensive School) - the only award won by Wales' school in The Teaching Awards of UK!

We had a special assembly last week which was on the last day before half term break started to celebrate her winning. After we gathered in the great hall, Mrs. Richard walked in from the main door as she were on red carpet - with a cheering and clapping people around. I sat with Carol & Emma at the back which unable me to see her clearly. I wish I wouldn't sit there.

The ceremony which was held in London has been broadcasted by BBC. Astro people (Malaysia) who have this channel may be able to watch this. Popular woo =D The video can be watched through this link.

I want my mummy

23rd October 2008

Who should I give all my love to?
Who should I think most of?
After Allah And Rasulullah
Comes your mother

Who next? Your mother
Who next? Your mother
And then your father

Cause who used to hug you
And when you cry
Who wiped your tears?
Knows your fears
Who really cares?
My mother

Say Alhamdulillah
Thank you Allah
Thank you Allah For my mother.

She's my Ibu. The only Ibu I would ever have no matter how she likes.
She's my Ummi. The only lady I would trust the most.
She's my Mama. She has a beauty of a mother that only her child would recognize.
She's ma Mere. The woman who comes after Allah and prophet Rasulullah pbuh in my heart.
She's my Mummy. The only person I am missing a lot.

Its been more than 2 weeks she aint here. She's doing her obligation - looking after her daddy aka my grandpa who's got minor stroke in fourth raya (doakan, please). It will be a month - no kiss, no hug, no babbling - to be honest, its BORING.

Then, its only Ayah, Kakak and Adik(me!) left. No relatives at all in here, Great Britain. Its totally different to Malaysia which you could spend your whole weekend with your grandparents & cousins. Regardless of that, I learnt to be independant, otherwise you might find yourself alone at the bottom of your life. I meant it, really. It was 'no daddy no mummy' last weekend with Ayah was in Prague, Czech Republic and Ibu was in Malaysia. So, we had 3 days 2 nites sleepover at Uncle Noor & Aunty Cathy's house. I know. I know. You might tease me but it was my parents' choice. Even we were separated by broad oceans, mountainous regions thousands miles, they still protected us. This is what I proud of to be a daughter of Muhaimin Sulam & Wan Noraidah Wan Ismail.

After all, I want my mummy..

kulihat HIJAU..

14th October 2008

Have you heard about the good habits for your eyes?
1. The most popular one must be - eating carrot.
2. I bet this is what your parents/carers must have said to you - Duk jauh2 dari skrin TV atau komputer!
3. The natural one - Have a look at the green scenery!

Lets talk about the last one.
1. It is such a pleasure to have some rest under the shady tree - which is green.
2. Its feeling calm to be around sawah padi or farms on the hill like we have in Wales - its green coloured yeah.
3. Hijau adalah di antara warna panji-panji Islam yang digunakan zaman-zaman dulu ketika peperangan.
4. You guys tau tak faveret kaler Rasulullah saw adalah warna Hijau?! Sebab warna tu cooooooool and peacee!

So,vote for GREEN flag. Parti Islam Se-Malaysia(PAS)!



12th October 2008

Catching a glimpse of the above picture, you might have an idea that I'm happy (unless you think that's a natural face of Chinese baby!). Yes, I am delighted, blissful and pleased so much! I was thinking why cant I write something about what I feel for my own satisfaction in my own blog? I've seen some bloggers who release their anger, annoy and dissatisfactions on their post. But I prefer to keep those rather than announce it. It might get far worse though - when it comes to a bad reputation except if its cheerful or cheery post released. Hey, you can even do press release for that! And here I am. (=

What I did? Hmm.. guess what. I did think this raya isnt as good as last year and i did think Raya in Malaysia is far awesome than here. I thought it was lyk that - first bcoz this is the first raya I celebrate without my late grandpa from my dad's side. Secondly, my grandpa from my mum's side had minor stroke in fourth raya, and thirdly, we cancelled a week Raya trip to Scotland for certain reasons et cetera. Its just get to my mind, this raya is so boring. I admit that it was not a good thought. But thats what I felt. Is it because there is gonna be less fun in raya when you're getting older or growing lyk some people said?

However, last weekend was making it much much much better. I made sushi - malay style, rendang ayam bla3. We had kinda lyk open house for Lampeter malays and also for A.Amir Syafiq who came from Bristol. The thing is my ibu went back to Malaysia last week for a month and yeah, we did cook! The menu was pretty good though - rendang ayam, rice cake, sushi, rojak+tauhu+cucur+salad, corn porridge, strawberry pie (tesco made :-p) and banana splits as desert. I supose those were okey-cooked otherwise people wont finish it! Thank you so much thank you to you people for the ziarah - they were 7 families from Lampeter and 1 family from Swansea. Sorry for any shortcomings. We are bringing our silaturrahim closer. You make me glad to be here.

At last, I started the six-day fast in Syawal today. Surely, Im so glad because I was planning to do it last weekend, but then I was ill. At the first, I had sore throat which I needed loads of water then fever then cold. This is a normal step I went through every single time when I had sore throat. That was caused by the heaters - all the heaters in schools are turning on now due to autumn/winter season. It absorbs your body water very well!

Alhamdulillah, I think my belly needs some rest after two weeks full of marvellous, sensational and superb foods! The 6-day fast has been done by our prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h and therefore as his 'ummah', why cant we? There is hadith which say, "He who fasts in the month of Ramadan followed by 6 days in Syawal, it is as if he has fasted for 1 year."

p/s: Beraya not to check out the food but for our silaturrahim. Remember that. You people who wish to come for raya to my house are warmly welcomed. :)

Back to last year (Upin & Ipin 2 released)

5th October 2008

Back to last year Raya Aidilfitri, I was introduced to this so-called 'UPIN & IPIN' by K.Yana. Spreading it around to my cilik friends is the first thing I did after khatam watching it! UPIN & IPIN isnt complicated to understand lyk some cartoons/animations (e.g. TRANSFORMERS! =p). Well..not for some people who find Transformers so attractive and enjoy being in fantasy world lyk my uncle aged 25! hohoo =>. Back to the point. UPIN & IPIN is very close to our LIFE as well as our HEART. More to the Islam, Malay tradition and Malaysia culture - is what I find UPIN & IPIN like. In fact, its all about what I have experienced in my young age or when I was lil' girl.

As Im pretty sure most of you guys musn't feel strange to this cool thingy (hey,its so famous!), I wasnt about to introduce it, but just making an advertising(lol! ;)). Plus informing you their New Episodes (Upin & Ipin 2) because I just knew about the latest ones last week. It is very special to people whom dont live in Malaysia and those whom dont go on to channel TV9. Lyk ME! Special woo.

Upin & Ipin's special website - http://upindanipin.com.my/. Get and watch more 'Upin & Ipin' video clips here! *http://upindanipin.com.my/episodes.html*. Currently, the latest one is up to Episode 17. And hey, I joined their fan club just now. Fancy one? Log up then.

Upin & Ipin 2 (episode 8)

ehh raya ke-4!

3rd October 2008

Jangan kau lupa ketupat di dapur, rendang di kuali, jangan biar hangus - pesanan untuk anak dara khususnya yang rajen tulang-belulang untuk menolong masak sempena raya yang dah berabad hari yang lalu. (song BY kakak saya)

Raya Eid Fitri itu memberi makna kembali kepada fitrah. Jangan tak tahu. Raya jangan suka-suka je. Ziarah bukan sebab nak melantak atau perut lapar. Eratkan sillaturahim itu yang harus korang semat smart-smart dalam jiwa tu. (BY zf)

Orang tua bagi duet raya bukan nak suruh korang kaya-raya. Tapi itu cuma adat agar korang ziarah-menziarahi. Ada faham?

Meski ini raya ke-4 atau k-3 (di Malaysia), ingat pesanan dan ucapan saya. Saya tahu saya lambat cam penyu sebab saya ni dikategorikan budak malas nak update blog. Baru nak wish mintak duet raya kat korang. Bak sePOUND! Heheheh :D

*ceghite ghaye lepas raya eh*
saya malas lagi.

Maksud firman Allah: "Kamu semua wahai orang mu'min diminta menyempurnakan bilangan puasa sebulan dan kamu juga diminta bertakbir kepada Allah (berhari raya) kerana Allah beri kepada kamu hidayat." (al-Baqarah: 185)


12th August 2008

12.9.2008. Genap sebulan arwah mbah lanang (atuk) meninggalkan kami. Terasa macam embah masih di alam dunia ini. Senyumanya, air matanya, ciumannya..Ahh! Rindu.

Ramai orang kata, kami beruntung. Sempat menatap wajahnya, menjaga makan minumnya dan ya, berada di sisinya membaca Yassin ketika nazaknya! Sebulan seminggu menghabiskan masa bersama, kalau diikutkan memang tidak cukup. sgt. Tapi, alhamdulillah. Cukuplah daripada tiada langsung. Dua minggu selepas itu, saya dan famili terbang ke Great Britain. Sepatutnya 12/8 itu, kami kembali ke negara musafir kami. Dan kerna takdir, embah pergi. Hati memang pilu tapi puas kerna semuanya settle. Daripada meninggalkan embah ketika embah menanggung kesakitan, memang tak sanggup. Biarlah embah pergi menemui penciptaNya. Itulah HIKMAH .

Benda yang paling saya ingat ialah saya orang yang pertama buat embah senyum selepas begitu lama tiada ukiran senyuman di mukanya! Waktu tu, baru sehari sampai Malaysia. Tak terniat pun nak buat lawak, tetiba terjadi plak lawaknya. Arwah embah senyum sampai tak boleh nak berhenti. Happy sangat! :) sampai menitis air mata embah kegembiraan. The days after that, kekadang kan, tak semene2 arwah embah gelak and senyum mendengar celotehku. Ntah ape, tak ingat. Main cerite jer ape2 sebab arwah ske sangat dengar. Setiap hari, pasti ada yang menziarahinya. Tak sah kalau tiada. Kadang-kadang ramai, kadang-kadang sikit. Tapi tetap ada.

Dua hari sebelum embah meninggal (Selasa), ekspo selama 4 hari di SMA Maahad Al-Islah baru sahaja selesai. SMA Maahad Al-Islah adalah sekolah agama swasta yang dibangunkan arwah ketika hidupnya. Impian arwah embah untuk mengumpulkan sanak-saudaranya di Hari Keluarga telah tercapai. Di mana ia diadakan pada hari Sabtu. Ramai dan meriah. Sayangnya, arwah di hospital ketika itu. Tapi, embah puas kerna dapat menemukan mereka semua. Petangnya pula, majlis Hi-Tea reunion Alumni Maahad Al-Islah. Manakala, pada hari Ahad adalah Hari Kecemerlangan Maahad Al-Islah, turut hadir MB Perak, Dato' Seri Ir. Hj. Nizar Jamaluddin. Arwah embah nak sangat hadir. Hadir seketika dan balik semula ke hospital. Berkali-kali embah beritahu pada doktor tentang itu. Dan berkali-kali juga dye menanya pada ayah tentang apa yang perlu embah ckp pada MB. Arwah embah excited sangat.

Diikutkan hati, banyak sangat nk dicelotehkan di ruangan ini. Cuma, kekangan masa membataskan. Dipendekkan la jadinye.

Hari Selasa pagi tuwh, ayah bgtau yang embah dah tenat. sangat2. Hilang terus ngantuk. Terus bersiap. Satu badan menggeletar. Critical time. It scared me out. Teratak embah mula dipenuhi orang ramai. Sekolah Maahad Al-Islah ditutup. Bacaan Yassin kedengaran. Syahadah diajarkan. Hati kepiluan. Arwah embah nazak sehingga lepas Zohor. Kira-kira pukul 2.45, embah kembali ke rahmatullah. Kerna Allah lebih sayangkan dirinyaa.. Sayang seribu kali sayang, saya tiada disisinya detik, saat itu. Ketika itu, saya sedang solat Zohor. Lemah sendi lututku. Tangisan kedengaran. Sedih. Hati pedih.

Malam itu, ramai yang hadir. Tak henti-henti. YB Salahuddin Ayub pun datang. Kebetulan ketika itu minggu Muktamar PAS. Di celah-celah kesibukan malam tuw, di bawah kain putih yang menyelimuti wajah arwah embah, jenazah embah tersenyum! Cucu mana yang tidak gembira melihatkan embahnya tersenyum. Hati rasa senang.

Arwah embah disolatkan pada pukul 11 pagi keesokan harinya, berimamkan anaknya, pak cikku. Ust. Ahmad Awang (Vice President of PAS) turut menjadi makmum. Masjid Jame' Al-Mansor yang dibangunkan arwah embah penuh sesak. Ramai yang tidak dapat solat. Masakan tidak. Air sembahyang habis. Habis digunakan.

Akhir tulisan, ribuan terima kasih saya ucapkan kepada semua yang mendoakan kesejahteraan embah dan yang tidak pernah putus memberi semangat kepada kami sekeluarga ketika kami mendambakannya. JazakallahKK. May Allah lets my grandpa stand there with those who stand for Allah!

'In every moment, I miss him.'

p/s: Ayah ada tulis di kolumnya tentang arwah embah di akhbar SIASAH keluaran kedua bulan Ogos. Tajuknya 'Pulanglah, wahai anakku!' Check it out!

Ramadhan! It comes again!

31st August 2008

Ramadhan comes with pleasure,
the month of fasting,
more ibadah is done,
Insyallah paradise is waiting.

Yea. It comes again. The waited month when syaitans are being jailed and more rewards can be gained. owh bless! =D Welcome it open-heartedly ♥. Alhamdulillah we still can greet it this year. Eventhough this ramadhan is celebrated without my atuk syg. (May Allah bless his soul.. I miss him so badly). huhu~

Always, when we think about Ramadhan, the first thing in our mind is fasting. Nevertheless, it is not only that, its got more, more, and more than that. We fast the whole day knowing that we will be ending our fast with the setting of the sun, and in the context of a world where many live in poverty, where hunger and thirst for many become a way of life, our fasting really is a simple duty. Do make dua' for them in this such a full of bless month. Let us through it patiently and may allah makes it easy for us..

Owh ya. Selamat Hari Merdeka Malaysia!
one question please..
"Sudah merdekakah diri kita ini?"
Go through and think of it. :)

Ramadhan al-Mubarak!

Perutusan Khas sempena Ramdhan al-Mubarak oleh Dato' Seri Tuan Guru Abdul Hadi Awang, Presiden PAS

-seeing people I love are happy is one of my happiness-

11th Jun 2008

Catatan ini adalah catatan yang agak ‘basi’ yang saya tak sempat catatkan disini. Walaubagaimanapun, tak salah kan kalau dicoretkan. :)

Merci Beaucoup MB Perak. (Thanks a lot MB Perak)

Alhamdulillah dalam sebulan yang lalu, embah lanang (mon grand-pere) saya telah menerima ziarah daripada PCik Nizar, MB Perak yang baru. Ketika itu, kalau tak silap, kami baru sahaja menerima berita bahawa embah lanang kami menghidap ‘Colon Cancer’ kira-kira seminggu. Terima Kasih banyak2 – itu sahaja yang saya bley katakan. Ziarah itu telah meniupkan semangat embah lanang untuk melawan penyakitnya dan memberi 1001 makna padanya.

Kami tahu, embah lanang (mon grand-pere) teringin sangat berjumpa dengan PCik Nizar. Hendak melihat sendiri bagaimana MB Perak kami yang baru. Embah lanang hanyalah menjadi salah satu daripada orang-orang yang mahu kepimpinan Pakatan Rakyat di Perak dan juga Malaysia berjaya. Orang yang tidak pernah jemu menyokong perjuangan Islam di Malaysia walaupun PAS pernah mengalami zaman jatuhnya. Dan kini, apabilah Perak diperintah oleh Pakatan Rakyat dibawah MB daripada PAS, pastinya hatinya berbunga2! Bunga-bunga kegembiraan dan kesyukuran.

Tahun lepas, PCik Nizar ada menziarahi embah lanang untuk hantar barang kiriman kepada keluarga di Malaysia sebab ketika itu PCik Nizar baru balik dari UK. Waktu itu, embah lanang jauh berbeza – sihat. Tapi kini, badannya jauh menyusut.

Ketika ziarah baru-baru ini, embah lanang (mon grand-pere) menangis terharu. Kebetulan ketika itu, ada program bersama MB Perak di Teluk Intan. Jadi, beliau singgah sebentar di teratak embah kami, kira-kira 45 minit. Tidaklah lama mana, tapi cukup. Di dalam ziarahnya, PCik Nizar call ayah untuk ayah memberi ucapan sepatah dua kata, menggunakan loudspeaker. Ayah memberi kata2 perangsang pada embah lanang dan selepas itu, PCik Nizar pun berucap sedikit. Turut bersama beliau adalah PCik Misbahul Munir (Set.Pol MB), pegawai khas beliau, dan beberapa orang yang lain.

Harapan kami agar embah lanang (mon grand-pere) sihat kembali dan kepada PCik Nizar, semoga Allah sentiasa menolong dan bersama PCik Nizar dalam segala urusan. And again, Merci Beucoup Monsieur Nizar!

Joyeux anniversaire, ma soeur! (Happy Birthday, sis!)

Catatan yang kedua ini adalah agak baru. Jadi, tidaklah se'basi' yang pertama. hee :)) Dua minggu lepas, kami menyambut hari lahir kakak saya, Nur Najihah di mana sambutannya di buat bersama Johan, si cilik berambut perang. Seorang 17 tahun, seorang lagi 4 tahun - jauh beza woo. Bertempat di teratak Uncle Nor & Auntie Catherine dan alhamdulillah amat2 meriah. Cetait amusant!

Ia turut dimeriahkan dengan pasangan pengantin baru - Abg David dan Kak Nurul, Sahabat famili Uncle Nor - orang2 Muslim Tanzania yang sekaligus menjadi sahabat famili kami. Untuk kakak, saya telah membuat satu 'promise' untuk memberikan 10 hadiah. Dan untuk makluman, 7 sudah selesai, 3 lagi tinggal. Hurm..nak bagi ape lagi eh? Paling istimewa, pastinya Cheesey Bread Pizza by Chef Nur Nabilah. ^_^

Wish saya adalah - May all your wishes come true & may Allah blessing shower upon sis. Insyallah.

**This post has
a bit of French as currently I am having a french-filled head due to couple of French exams I have got lately**

Improving Y Sense of Humour :D

10th Jun 2008

Kawan-kawan! Nak tengok cite lawak tak? Best, kelakar dan cool - namanya 'Allah Made Me Funny'. Ia dianggotai oleh Azhar Usman, Preacher Moss and Mohammad Amer dan mereka adalah Muslim Amerika. Pada fikiran saya, group komedi Muslim ini memang membawa banyak mesej tentang Islam. Daripada tengok cite lawak yang selalu berlakon dan bercakap nonsense dan juga kekadang memperbodohkan diri diorang, lebih baik tengok benda yang boleh mendekatkan diri kita tentang Islam. Kan? Kan?

Jadi, jom tengok ni! :)) Ini hanyalah sebahagian dari persembahan diorang, yang mana bercakap tentang cara-cara, kita 'Muslims' memberi salam samada - purposefully or accidentally & macam-macam aa. Wanna more? Pi la kat youtube.com dan search Allah Made Me Funny eh, insyallah jumpe. hehe. Info lanjut http://www.allahmademefunny.com/. Here go...

*Credit to Kak Mardhiyah (Ungu Violet) for helping me to download these videos!*

Owh my God!

31st May 2008

I bet this is such a non-strange sentence to you, innit? But then, I wonder why do people who don’t believe in God are keep uttering it. I started wondering when Matthew asked our RS teacher (Mrs. HR) for it. As I learn Religious Studies which talks about stuff like beliefs, culture, and religion, of course it gives a number of reasons. The listed arguments are; firstly; there’s no scientific theory, secondly; why does God allow suffering and thirdly; no physical evidence. Addition please, our Ms doesn’t believe in God however believe there is hereafter. In spite of this, she knows loads of thing about different religions. This is how the RS teacher duties are. :)

Sometimes, I feel sorry for my comrades who choose to not have a religion even their parents do. Tie them up – is perhaps what they think of. I would have to admit that there are ‘seen’ differences between a non-believer and a believer. Not only between Muslims but also between Christians. And here, I enclosed the story that would explain a bit about the existence of God. It is a forwarded message from my old Friendster. I love forwarding message! :D

One of the best stories:

Explanations of Why ALLAH Allows Pain and Suffering! :)

Ada seorang lelaki pergi ke kedai gunting rambut untuk menggunting rambut dan janggutnya. Apabila barber itu memulakan tugasnya, mereka pun berborak dan bercakap mengenai pelbagai perkara. Tapi bila mereka mula berbicara mengenai Tuhan, barber itu pun berkata “Saya tak percaya Tuhan itu wujud.”

''Kenapa awak kata camtu?” kata si customer.

''Cuba kamu keluar di tengah jalan itu dan tunjukkan pada saya bahawa Tuhan itu wujud. Kalau benar Tuhan wujud, kenapa ramai sangat orang sakit di luar sana? Kenapa masih ada kanak-kanak yang terbiar kebuluran? Kalau benar Tuhan wujud, sudah tentu tiada kesakitan dan keperitan hidup di dalam dunia ini. Saya tidak dapat bayangkan Tuhan yang dikatakan Maha Penyayang itu boleh membenarkan semua ini berlaku.”

Si customer itu pun berfikir sejenak. Dia tidak memberi sebarang jawapan kerana tidak mahu memulakan pertengkaran. Selepas barber itu menghabiskan tugasnya, si customer pun memulakan langkah pulang. Selepas beberapa langkan, si customer tadi ternampak seorang lelaki berambut panjang, kusut-masai, selekeh, kotor beserta janggut dan misai yang tidak terurus.

Si customer tadi pun berpatah balik dan pergi semula ke kedai gunting rambut tadi lalu berkata “Awak tahu tak yang sebenarnya barber juga tidak wujud?. "Huh? Kenapa awak cakap camtu? Sedangkan saya baru sahaja gunting rambut awak tadi“,kata si barber.

''Tidakkk!”,Kata si customer tadi. “ Kalau benar barber wujud, sudah tentu tidak ada orang yang berambut panjang tidak terurus serta janggut dan misai yang panjang dan kotor macam lelaki di tepi jalan itu.” Kata si customer sambil menunding jari kearah orang yang dimaksudkan.

''Ah! Barber memang wujud! Lelaki tu jadi begitu sebab dia tidak datang pada saya untuk diguntingkan rambutnye!”; kata si barber.

''Tepat sekali!“, kata si customer.

''Seee! That’s the point! Tuhan juga wujud, itulah yang terjadi (keperitan & penderitaan) jika manusia tidak mengingatinya dan kembali padanya untuk memohon pertolongan.


The conclusion from this is:>

If Allah brings you to it,
He will bring you through it,
In Happy moments, praise Allah,
In Difficult moments, seek Allah,
In Quiet moments, worship Allah,
In Painful moments, trust Allah,
In Every moment, thank Allah.

This is such bless.

Tukang punggah, Kamal Ataturk & Malaysia

5th May 2008 (Artikel ini pernah disiarkan di kampusnegara.net)

Beberapa minggu yang lalu, barang-barang kami dari Malaysia sampai. Best dan bahagia giler tengok berkotak-kotak barang. Jadi tukang punggah adalah yang paling best! =D Jikalau nak mencuba, sila la eh datang ke Alexandra Terrace niee! Salah satu daripadanya, adalah kotak buku. Entah berapa juta buku, ha ha tatau. Semuanya adalah bahan rujukan untuk research ayah - kebanyakannya tentang Islam, Politik & Sejarah.

Dalam banyak-banyak buku tuwh, ada satu buku yang cantik, menarik maka saya pun tertarik untuk membaca, bercakap dan menulis mengenainya. Yakni buku alkisah 'Kamal Ataturk: Ideologi dan Kesannya ke Atas Rakyat Turki'. Sebuah buku yang telah mencungkil habis-habisan falsafah, sejarah dan ideologi Kamal Ataturk. Bukunya best tetapi tidaklah setebal mana, kalau tak, masakan saya mahu membaca setiap perenggan-perenggannya! hehee.

Kamal Ataturk - nama yang selalu jugalah saya dengar dan nama yang agak dikenali. Popular la kot. Tatau takpe. Dia merupakan Perdana Menteri Turki pada zaman dahulu kala dan digelar Bapa Turki Moden. Nawaitu hatinya mahu mensekularkan Turki, membaratkan bangsa Turki dan memusnahkan Islam. Kamal Ataturk berjaya menjatuhkan kerajaan Bani Usmaniyah sekaligus memegang tampuk pemerintahan. Hingga kini, Turki adalah negara sekular dan majoriti masyarakatnya memang Barat sangatlah walaupun Turki mempunyai 90% muslim! ish.ish.ish

Pada fikiran Kamal Ataturk, Islam adalah penghalang kemodenan dan kemajuan Turki dan mencontohi Barat adalah satu-satunya caranya. Sejarah telah membuktikan bahawa pemikiran itu adalah salah! Turki kini adalah jauh ketinggalan dibandingkan dengan Barat. Itulah berlagak sangat dengan Tuhan. Dunia hari ini selalu meyalahkan Islam atas ketidakmajuan negara-negara Islam. In fact, Islam itu tidak salah, yang salahnya adalah orang-orang di dalamnya. Orang-orang yang tidak mengikut Islam yang betul dan lebih suka menggunakan nama-nama seperti Islam Hadhari dan Islamisasi dengan niat untuk mengelat dari menggunakan Islam yang betul. There are no other words to name it other than Islam!

Ketika zaman kegemilangan pemerintahan Islam yang lalu, mereka 'cemerlang, gemilang, terbilang' salah satu sebabnya adalah kerana mereka mentadbir atas dasar Islam yang betul - berpandukan Al-Qur'an dan Sunnah. Bukannya menggunakan undang-undang manusia, tetapi undang-undang Allah (Hukum Hudud) yang selalu dipertikaikan oleh manusia yang bernama Muslim dan bertuhankan Allah itu sendiri. Contoh yang saya fikir paling dekat ialah Kerajaan Malaysia di mana termaktub dalam perlembagaanya bahawa Islam adalah agama rasmi sebaliknya mereka bukan sahaja menolak Hukum Allah tetapi memperlekehkannya dengan memainkan soal potong-potong tangan untuk orang yang mencuri dan kesannya keatas Malaysia sebagai negara berbilang bangsa dan agama. Cuba fikir ya, waktu dulu-dulu zaman Rasulullah dan Sahabat, tidak ada 'non-muslim' ke?

Manakala negara-negara seperti Britain, USA, Japan, France dan lain-lain di mana populasi masyarakatnya bermajoriti 'non-muslim' dilihat lebih jauh maju daripada kebanyakan negara-negara bermajoriti muslim. Mereka bukanlah menggunakan Hukum Allah tetapi mereka menggunakan nilai-nilai yang ada didalamnya seperti jujur, amanah dan adil. Seperti di Britain, kadar rasuahnya seciput jer dibandingkan dengan Indonesia, negara teramai muslim. Dan tidak lupa, Malaysia juga. Jauh bezanya.

Cuma dari segi agama, 'inner feelings' mereka semacam kering dan kureng. Party sakan, disko sana sini, kaki kutu town itulah mereka. Selalunya mereka itu adalah orang yang tidak beragama dan agnostic. Boring life. Tapi, saya tabik spring pada nilai-nilai yang suci lagi murni lagi baek yang ada pada mereka. Suka saya katakan bahawa kekadang seseorang Muslim itu lebih suka meniru gaya Barat yang pada hakikatnya menjadi seorang Muslim yang sebenar itu adalah jauh lebih 'cool'. Proud being a Muslim! InsyaAllah.

"Mereka bermaksud hendak memadamkan cahaya (agama) ALLAH dengan mulut nereka tetapi ALLAH tetap menyempurnakan cahaya-Nya, biarpun orang-orang kafir tidak menyukainya." (As Saf: 8)

Can I fly back without wings?

19th April 2008

Alas, a short reprieve after days of busy times - loads of things to be settled out make me delaying it, I swear! I managed to write, tell and ask something to each one of you in this little time. Here I am then. Here, in this chance, I would love to ask you dua' for my grandpa (embah lanang) as he currently in Teluk Intan Hospital for some reasons.

We phoned him last time. Hearing his voice, depressed me out. I am deeply saddened. I dunno how to describe it, but it’s just different - cold! Lemme tell you a bittersweet story. There was a nurse who advising him to be strong and patient in this difficult time. He was crying sadly tho and said he greatly misses us. That touched my heart entirely..

Then, me and my sis decided to ask people to sign the poster of our family - for my grandpa. We just want to show him, we always beside him. I asked my friends and teachers to sign it - so does my sis. Signatures that full with hopes. I want to deny about someone who said those signatures are nothing, neither prays nor hopes. The 'someone' also said my grandpa is not gonna understand it, something like meaningless. Excusez moi, Im so pretty sure, that would be so meaningful to him. That's what people called 'inner support'.

Rasulullah s.a.w has said "Dua’ is the very essence of worship" whereas in Al-Quran, Allah said "Call on Me; I will answer your (Prayer)!” To whom that pray for him, thanks a whole lot. May Allah give you rewards. And here, we devoted giving him support - dua', hajat prayers, hopes. Endless. InsyaAllah. Am just feeling..can I fly back without wings? Tell me.

"O' Allah, am here as your slave asking you. I beseech Thee for the speedy recovery or patience on the affliction and going out of my grandpa towards Thy mercy. Endow him with patience, courage and health, ya Allah. The Most Merciful, the Most Excellent Protector, the Most Excellent Lord and the Most Excellent Helper, please grant my dua'. Amin.."

Monday, 17 November 2008

good old times..

11th April 2008

lazy days have gone..

less time for chilling out..

easter holiday has finished!

alhamdulillah, it's been so wonderful. How couldn't it be wonderful, anyway? It was 2 weeks, man! Enough time to lying down on the bed. haha. And guess wha?! I only had one homework and zer00 coursework. Thats what people called 'Easter Break'. weehee :))

But, it doesnt last long. Coming back to skool, I got a number of coursework & homework! fuhh~ Time for refreshing the brain.

Easter holiday's full schedule.

Elia's birthday party.

Auntie Chaterine's sleepover.


Brecon Beacon National Park.

Qur'an class with Syeikh Mohsin.

Spending some more time in Manchester would be the important one, i guess. One of the aims was to visit a new baby of PCik Raja & Cik Su. She is extremely cute and you know wha, she weighed 5.1kg! I got to stretch my arms to make her fit on my lap :D Owh yea, that lil' cute baby named Raja Iman Sofea. "comel.comel.comel!"

Ayah spent most of time with PCik Raja talking about 'Politics in Malaysia' (what else then?) as the election was finished just about 2 weeks on that time plus they both have been to 'politics world'. Nevertheless, we wont just spend our days in Manchester and do nothing. So, we planned to go to Liverpool. 'Express Planning' ( we did this every single time we went to M'cr!) Then..we went!


Safari Park was the first destination. Here, the thing is 'you are locked, animals are free'. And masyallah, I really enjoyed it. Even the baboons pooed on my car and broke the wiper! ahha~ Lions, camels, and about 10 more animals that I dunno what their names are I have met, touched and taken picture of. Camera is the first thing, bdwy :-p

Then we went to Liverpool town, for the first time. Its so beautiful woo.~ I do really love the buildings. The Beatles Museum in Edward Court, Everton FC Stadium, Liverpool FC Stadium (just passed by bcos there was a game on that time), and parents' friend's house were the next destinations. Fun!

Snow day!

weeeheeeeee :)) Im lovin' it! Unfortunately, it wasnt heavy snow. Nvm, at least we've got it for this year. Alhamdulillah. On the 1st snow day, we spent most of time at home. huhu~ Ayah was in Dublin on that time. The snow has fallen twice in the morning and that day was pretty cool. There was snow in the morning, sunny, raining, hailstorm and sunny again! Very cold day, by the way.

And guess wha, on the 2nd snow day, I went to skool! owhhh~~ It wasnt like last year. Ayah had to pick my sis & me up straight away from skool after been informed by skool just bcos it was snow day! I wont forget that precious memory. =)

Basically, these schedule isnt complete and will not be completed. hehe. Nearly forget tho.
Its just bcos I haven't got enough time to type those up. Skool and exam's stuffs, aa~.

ABC poem for cutey kids!

2nd April 2008

(*the photo of decuties : from right hand side ; Haris Amin, Sumayyah, Haris Akmal, Sofea*)

A is for Allah
Lord of the Universe, who is One,
He made the earth, stars, and sun
He made angels to worship and pray,
He made man from a dab of clay

B is for Bilal
Bilal is that tall, brave African man,
Islam freed him and gave him iman
Calling the Muslims to come and pray,
Was his duty each night and day

C is for Children
Black, white, red, yellow, and brown,
Better than the jewels in a crown
Laughing or crying, short or tall,
Allah loves children, one and all

D is for Du’a
Remembering Allah all nights and days,
By giving Him our thanks and praise
Thank Allah with “Al Hamdulillah”
And praise Him with “Subhanallah

E is for Earth
With its mountains, rivers, and seas,
Animals, birds, fruits, and trees
They all declare Allah’s Might,
Following His laws, wills, and light

F is for Faith
That which the Muslims call Iman,
Is in the heart of the believing man
Will come from his lip and hand,
Love for Allah pouring out like sand

G is for Gabriel
An angel (called Jibraeel in Islam) created by Allah from light,
His duty is to serve Allah all day and night
To Prophet Muhammad (S) he did appear,
To bring mankind the Holy Qur’an so dear

H is for Heaven
God’s garden of joy, peace, and love,
The home for Muslim’s souls above
The path to this heavenly place
Is faith in Allah’s guidance and grace

I is for Islam
A way of life for all of who,
Give to Allah the praise that is due
We worship and pray five times a day,
Because we know it is the best way

J is for Jesus
Peace be upon him, ‘Isa, the son of Maryam,
To his people Allah’s word did he carry
By Allah’s help, he made the sick well,
So people would believe what he had to tell

K is for Ka’bah
First house of Allah in Makkah was made,
By Ibrahim and Isma’il the stones were laid
Millions of believers from every race,
Come for Hajj tot his extra special place

L is for Life
A precious gift from Allah to you,
Don’t waste it, he knows what you do
Don’t chase pleasure or forget Allah,
No matter how little, say “Al-Hamdulillah

M is for Muhammad
Peace be upon him, Abdullah’s son,
From Allah’s enemies he did not run
Of all the Prophets, he was the last,
Islam his message which we hold fast

N is for Nuh
Peace be upon him, a Prophet who was very good,
Allah told him to build an ark, fast as he could
Take pairs of animals and the believers-all,
The flood was coming and the waves would be tall!

O is for Obedience
It is the duty of each Muslim to obey,
The Qur’an and the Sunnah all the wayGo for Hajj, give Zakah, fast, and pray,
And to your parents do not say, “Nay!”

P is for Prayer
It is the cornerstone of Muslim life,
And the devil it cuts like a knife
Prayer five times a day is a must,
In Allah, you should put your trust

Q is for Qur’an
A blessing and guide for all of mankind,
In it Allah’s message you will find
Of all His messages, it is the last,Perfect for present, future, and past

R is for Ramadan
For Muslims this blessed month of fasting,
Is to celebrate Allah’s love everlasting
All day, no food, nor drink, nor evil deeds,
Pray and read Qur’an, to heaven this leads

S is for Surah
One hundred and fourteen in the Qur’an,
Read them and trust in Al-Rahman,
Do you know ten of them that you can say?
Knowing them will help you pray

T is for Tawheed
La ilaaha illallah, Allah is the only one,
There is no partner with Him, nor son
Allah is the answer to all that we need,
Watch your heart and tongue,
He knows every deed

U is for Ummah
The Muslim community, which Muhammad (S) found,
The brotherhood of Islam made it sound
Allah’s laws in the Qur’an and Sunnah,
Are to help everyone in the Ummah

V is for Victory
It is the help from Allah to you,
His guidance in everything you do
Work and prayer a Muslim does need,
To celebrate Allah’s victory, indeed!

W is for Wudu’
We must keep our minds and bodies clean,
Because by Allah we are always seen
Whenever you hear the call of athan,
Prepare and come pray as soon as you can

X is for ……
X is not easy for us to rhyme,
So, we’ll not waste much of your time
In higher math, X is hard to find,
But Allah’s path is clear even to the blind

Y is for Yunus
Peace be upon him, a good man in a wicked town,
He ran to the sea and a whale gobbled him down
By the mercy of Allah, he was saved to tell,
His people to become good and obey Allah well

Z is for Zero-sin
It is the way we each begin,
Free from worldly sin
So, don’t let yourself forget,
Keep out of the devil’s threat

(Picked from http://ukhtifillahrahimakumullah.blogspot.com/. Doesn't it sound awesome?)

Sunday, 16 November 2008

cheeky blogger

26th March 2008


Midnight. Sitting on the floor, squeezing out my mind - Yeah! gottit. I was thinking what to type on the keyboard. Honestly, I'm so really not good in writing. It has been 5 days since I had this blog - copying my dad & sis! hehe. Ayah is really good in writing, making poem, doing art stuffs as well as my sis. (pssstt..their blog links are in 'click clock' section. Have a drop then). It is quite cool being blogger, I guess. Or probably not for people who are not good in writing. That's so me.aha~

Doesn't matter it is Malay, English, Arabic, French nor Welsh! Still not working.

Am still remember I was crying sadly just for a Malay essay after struggling for more than 2 hours just to finish it. That when I was in year 4 (10 yrs old). Freakin' stuck. Whether hand it over on the tomorrow's morning without finish it or not going to skool.And yea, got help. hehe :)) (otherwise, wasting my tears!). Ayah as a point's source and me wrote it down. A very good daddy's daughter =P.


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