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26th March 2008


Midnight. Sitting on the floor, squeezing out my mind - Yeah! gottit. I was thinking what to type on the keyboard. Honestly, I'm so really not good in writing. It has been 5 days since I had this blog - copying my dad & sis! hehe. Ayah is really good in writing, making poem, doing art stuffs as well as my sis. (pssstt..their blog links are in 'click clock' section. Have a drop then). It is quite cool being blogger, I guess. Or probably not for people who are not good in writing. That's so me.aha~

Doesn't matter it is Malay, English, Arabic, French nor Welsh! Still not working.

Am still remember I was crying sadly just for a Malay essay after struggling for more than 2 hours just to finish it. That when I was in year 4 (10 yrs old). Freakin' stuck. Whether hand it over on the tomorrow's morning without finish it or not going to skool.And yea, got help. hehe :)) (otherwise, wasting my tears!). Ayah as a point's source and me wrote it down. A very good daddy's daughter =P.