Friday, 17 December 2010

Returning to Him

To God we belong, to Him we return. Al fatihah for Allayarham bro Dr. Mas Afzal Masarudin, a cancer fighter, a da'ie and a role model who passed away this early morning. The news was shocking. He was a full spirit, humble guy who did dakwah solely to seek Allah's blessings back in the UK when I first knew about his story. I happened to know him when he became one of FUiYO (Fun With ILuvIslam's Youth Oversea) 2009's speakers. Almost everyone was amazed with his spirits.
My father also wrote about him on Harakah newspaper months ago which you can read from here - He too was the 'Not the Primrose Path's blog owner A deep condolence from me and my family for his family. He was indeed a fighter, a strong one. May Allah lets him stand with those who stand for Allah.
One says "Good friends write song after you die. Better friends offer prayers on your death. Best friends pray for you until their death." Al-Fatihah.
My teacher had repeatedly said that the questions asked in the grave are already leaked but the truth is, not the mouth that'll answer (by memorising) but your deeds that you have collected during your lifetime will do it. We knew that, and yet, ignore it. There's always between wrong and right, bad deeds and good deeds, the Nar (Hell) and Jannah (Heaven).

You choose. I choose too.

p/s: I finished my mid term exam!!!

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Will be back, cya

I really miss posting a blogpost and ideas are lingering around my mind and fingers. So many things to write, elaborate and be discussed with such little time...oh Malaysia, you're so cool.

Mid term exam in a few days, do make a dua for me!

Jazakallah khairan kathira in advance


Friday, 19 November 2010

From Wales to Perak

Departed at 12.35pm
Swansea train station,
Swansea UK
One of the last pictures together before catching train - surrounded by lots of bags! I miss my lil friends so much...they sometimes are more fun to be with than 'big' friends. From left; Johan, Amel and Elia.

Everyone carries bags even Little Amel. Believe it or not, 4 of us couldn't manage to carry those...hmm just imagine if you're moving out of country, how many bags you must take with you?

Elia and aunty cried, Johan running towards train and Amel looking blankly leaving tears in me. Ahh...this place left too many wonderful memories in us!

Plane taking off at 6 o'clock in the morning.
Heathrow airport, London.

Note 1: Don't take flight in early morning anymore, you got to wake up very early to check in. This is not including arranging bags, a long queue and settling unpredictable additional payments. sleepy zzzz~~

Note 2: Don't leave your stuff in the aeroplane!!! Especially the one you loved.

Gulf Air arrived at 9.46am
Kl Malaysia.

The awkward feeling raised was when coming out of the plane and seeing around the airport that most people are Malaysians and speak Malay - you feel like you belong to it!

The funny thing was when we were about to land, the stewards and stewardess gave out a little card for visa matter to everyone to fill it in and give to border force later...just like what we did when crossing UK border everytime we travel outside UK. I was like "Oh yeah we got to fill that in", but turned out that the stewardess didn't hand us one. Wondering why...

Obviously, its my country! I've got Malaysia citizenship! Don't need visa! Ayoyo..

Bursting out deep missing.

At last..we are together :)

Its been a week and 3 days since then...and yet I'm still going through an adaptation process. And it was my first eid in my hometown after the forth eid in abroad! Somehow I can't believe I am back for good...feel like its only holiday. Someone wake me up! Ahha!

Hoping for the best to come inshallah.

Love is always around~

Friday, 29 October 2010

Bye-bye UK, Hey Malaysia!

(Sunday 24/10. Swansea)


Very late sleep, a messy house and mind imbalance accompanying myself these past 4,5 days. Tomorrow the CPU will be packed, the monitor will find its way to skip and the modem will be put into sleep. These future events left me posting a blog post. A post that is very special.

Oh. Yes, I'm going back to Malaysia for good. How soon? Very soon.

Surprisingly, the date I'll be taking my flight is the same as the date I landed on this land making my period of stay in the UK exactly 4 years. At that time, I just turned 14 from 13 and now I'm 18! *glup*

'Experience makes you strong'

I can't deny the fact that I get 'butterflies in the stomach' thinking about going back for good. I'm scared thinking the crime rates, price inflation, social of young people, new place of study...ahh, everything! But then I came across an advise that reads "You'll be fine. Experience makes you strong"...Subhanallah that means so much. Its from Ms Spiller. Then I stacked it on my mind "I am strong!"

Living abroad, hundred thousands miles far from your country, strange environment, keeping an Islamic upbringing are a whole lot experience. There are times I feel like I learn things more than when I was in Malaysia which perfectly matches a Malay saying 'Jauh perjalanan, luas pemandangan' (Longer journey gives broader views). I remember someone said how Imam Bukhari (R.A) traveled a great deal in order to expand his knowledge as well as sharing his knowledge with others. Travelling indeed is an opener to eyes, mind and heart.

(continued on Wednesday 27/10. London)


Presents to my teachers. I just realized that all my subject teachers are male! LOL

The place that keeps 1001 memories of me either happiness or sadness. It was a very strange place when I first came in (with an additional hatred) but it changed dramatically - I just love the teachers, collegaues, friends and Bishop Gore community. I started in Year 9 then Year 10, Year 11, Year 12 and senior, Year 13! I chose to do A-levels in school as well as college but school remains the best.

Spending a quatre of a day in school, it is clearly a big influence to oneself. You don’t only learn in a classroom, you learn a whole lot things outside classrooms through socializing and working. Some of my Malaysia friends wish that they’d be in my place without bearing in mind the challenge they’d face. I was, in fact, in that place before I came.

A farewell day out for Mette who went back to Denmark

It was challenging to practise Islam in a western school – trying to fit prayer times in school timetable, finding way to take ablution (wudu’), saying No when boy friends want a high-5 (skin contact), keeping the barrier, avoiding from being influenced by swearing people, matching school uniforms with aurah (coverings) etc etc et cetera. But alhamdulillah luckily, I happened to have such good best friends, friends that are well-mannered though some of them are not of the same faith. Furthermore, I can’t thank God enough for putting me in a school where the admin is concerned about the 5-times prayers. We had a prayer room fitted with carpet and a toilet to take ablution (wudu') awesome is that? The period of time to pray is obviously not compulsory on school timetable as in evening-school-session in Malaysia – thus, it depends on the students whether they want to perform the prayer or not.

Despite the challenge, I regard that as a course of learning and building confidence and strength. Learning to adapt, to socialize and to be grateful. I met many wonderful people throughout my years of whom are my close friends – Carol, Emma, Claire, Rachel, Jasmin, Celina, Mette, Lianne and others…too long to be listed!

(continued on Thursday 28/10. Rome)


Malaysian community (Wales)

I am not sure whether there are no many opportunities for young people to get involved in the community during my times in Malaysia or age factor that made me less involved with my community. Wider opportunities let myself to socialize with bigger range of people with various social strata and background – from park caretakers, halaqah sisters, Red cross, Swansea Uni students/society, asylum seekers and refugees, Socialists, Islamic NGO’s volunteers to Malaysian community and a lot more.

Mumbles with my girlies

Swansea is not quite a big city leaving the spirit of unity high. I once read on a magazine about the ranking of the most friendly UK city and Swansea was ranked 2nd after York and 1st in Wales! Ain’t easy to get that. It says that you still can see many people saying Hello and smile to each other eventhough they have no idea who they are when bumping in the park, along the road side, cycling and so on. This is true. Sometimes they even stop and talk to you about random things like weather, travelling and future/past events. This is certainly what I'll miss about Swansea...its beautiful people and content.

(continued on Friday 29/10. Mu'tah, Jordan)


There are quite many different jemaah's in the UK and being part of a jemaah is such an experience. You'd be able to expand your contacts, to help meet the jemaah's goal as well as to do it for the sake of Allah as the main reason. There are times when you think its not gonna make much difference but then when you think again, you've been chosen by Allah to be there and only few people got the chance. So why not making the most of it? I met a number of jemaah people ranging from undergraduates, postgraduates and professionals which let me socialize with them and take what is good, leave what is the otherwise.

Joining it taught me a lot as the programs held never missed to supply food for thoughts and hearts. Will miss the usrah and everyone in it!


I was a wayfarer in the UK but I remain a wayfarer in this world, the borrow one from God. I hope I'll survive the jetlag. Survive more flights. And Malaysia 'nice' weather too. Do make a dua'/pray for me and my family, for our trip. May Allah eases it for us!

p.s. This post is written in different places due to limited time and access to finish it. Peace!

The land of Syam.
22 Zulkaedah 1431

Monday, 18 October 2010

SAR: sr Al-Munir

Post yang sudah tertunggak berbulan-bulan lamanya. Teringat kembali bila baca isi Bajet Malaysia 2011: Bantuan perkapita 95 juta untuk Sekolah Agama Rakyat (SAR). Alhamdulillah all praises to Allah!

Sungguh, bukan senang mahu urus sekolah bila tiba2 bantuan ditarik pada 2002. Sekolah tutup, guru tiada, gaji tertunggak, murid berkurangan dan macam2 ceritalah. Arwah atuk ada uruskan SAR, jadi saya sendiri saksikan susah payah survival sekolah itu, Maahad al Islah. Jika tidak survive, kenalah surrender pada kerajaan - tukar sistem, tukar kuasa etc etc. But all praises to Allah again, it survived the hardship till now! My primary school at that time was Al-Munir, SAR, and also one of the survivors. Thus this post is dedicated to Al-Munir....I think I wrote about Maahad before.. (this doesn't indicate which one I love the most ok...ahha xD)

Dulu uniform hijau untuk pengawas, putih untuk pelajar lain. Baju melayu dan jubah untuk hari Jumaat. Sekarang hijau untuk pelajar lain, merah jambu untuk pengawas dan ada kat matrik lagi tuh. Makin berwarena-wareni!

I Heart Islam

Wah..tudung adik2 ini labuh2 belaka..
(I can't remember how my headscarf was like..:)

Kepeningan memasukkan input2 penting ke dalam kepala

Mujahid & Mujahidah, God-willing

1. Tahun 1999, sekolah ini 30 minit dari rumah saya dan jauh. Pernah terfikir, apa pasal ibuayah hantar jauh2, SK Sg Manik, Sg Lampam, Kg Bahagia semuanya 5,10,15,20 minit. Ditambah lagi dengan van/bas sekolah yang datang pukul 6.45 pagi...................awalnyeee la T_T. But alhamdulillah, it was worth it.

2. It really made my primary life colourfully awesome! Sekali masuk, terasa tak nak keluar. Al-munir ni satu-satunya sekolah rendah sesi pagi yang belajar subjek2 agama dan akademik di bandar Teluk Intan. Jadi, budak2 al-munir tak pergi sekolah agama petang....bukankah seronok pergi sekolah sehari sekali? ^__________^

3. Tahun 2002, perpindahan rumah menyebabkan sekolah ini 7 minit dari rumah saya. Kalau tak silap, sistem makan dalam talam mula tahun ini. Tiap2 waktu rehat, semua makan dalam talam dalam kumpulan. Siap praktik jilat jari dan duduk macam Rasulullah saw lagi. Dan tiada alasan tak nak makan bersama walau 'tak kawan'. Mahu menanam toleransi insani. Masyallah, rindunya kumpulan talam saya~

4. Sistem solat Zohor berjamaah selepas sekolah juga bermula tahun ini. Sekolah habis pukul 1, pukul 2 lepas solat Zohor di surau sebelah sekolah, baru balik rumah. Adik-adik darjah 1,2 solat di bawah, kakak-kakak senior solat tingkat atas. Lepas solat, ustaz bagi tazkirah seperti sesi story telling..takdela ngantuk kan. Disebabkan sistem ini baru, sesetengah pelajar dengan semangat membara beli buku log kulit keras mahu catit dan catat isi2 tazkirah..tak ingatlah, istiqamah ke tidak.

5. Mudah-mudahan Bajet 2010 ini bukan sekadar di kertas, tapi tindakan juga. Walaupun bajetnya tak boleh lawan PERMATA, impaknya inshallah besar. Tak salahkan mengharap? (:

Gambar2 hari pertama sekolah Januari 2010 dikopi dari:

Class: 1 Al-Kindi (1999)
Class teacher: Cikgu Salawati
How time time we were running around like happy kids and another time, we walk like grown ups. Barakallahu feekum, guys!

Friday, 15 October 2010

Kawan baik/BFF Maher zain

Verily, dua' is worship [At Tirmidhi]

Have you ever made a wish to God and it is fulfilled? It feels amazing, isn't it?

Having faith that your every dua' is heard and will be answered is a warm soothe to hearts. No matter its in time of despair or cheer, it always counts. Just like what Allah says in Al-Baqarah:186 "Call upon Me, I will answer you" beautiful is that? There is absolutely no hesitation. No doubt. No 'if'.

Patience in waiting is all what you need. Just have Iman in every Allah's word.

And if your dua' is not answered in the world, Rasulullah said, the reward of the dua' will be moved forward - to The Day of Judgement. Never once your dua' is a waste unless you say "Allah didn't answer my prayer". God loves those who make dua' everyday. Even saying "Assalamualaikum wbt" to someone is a call to HIM!

I did a post regarding Maher zain's performance at Newport, Wales just before Ramadan click. At the end of it, I wished he'll come again to the UK and come to Malaysia too. Then, just a few days before first Syawwal, below meeting happened where I was told about MZ's plan to come to Malaysia. About two weeks after that, MZ's Malaysia tour was everywhere on facebook. And currently he's having a tour in Malaysia which means my wish was fulfilled! subhanallah subhanallah ^___^

Well...I'm only a fan of his songs not a die-hard-fan, so it wasn't heartbreaking not seeing his performance there. hehe =)

Here is a little story attached...
Once upon a time at an Europcar counter in a western country, Sweden. Late Ramadhan 1431.

Daddy: Hello
Mm: Assalamualaikum
Daddy: oh..waalaikumussalam
Mm: Are you all from Malaysia?
Daddy: Yes..yes
Mm: Ooh. My friend is going to go to Malaysia soon. He's a singer...
Daddy: Maher Zain? (higher tone)
Mm: Yeahh, yeah! (excited)
Daddy: He's your friend???
Mm: He is actually my best best best friend! You guys've just missed him, he was at my house two days ago and we had an iftar together. He lives near by this place but he's in egypt now.

I remember Mm said "Maher zain was under the same company as Lady Gaga in the US but Subhanallah he left it. He wants to sing for the sake of Allah." That was a kick. There are certainly more people who can be like 'MZs'. Those who go back to the fitrah (nature), those who go back to The One, Allah.

Do you know 'For The Rest of My Life' song? Maher zain performed that song on Mm's wedding day as he's his BFF! (Wahhh~~~) FYI, MZ is married. Hmm...its like a story time listening to his stories about MZ's family, Islam in Sweden, Europe and Swedish culture. There's quite a big difference between the widespread of Islam and its practice level in Sweden compared to the UK. Its really much more advanced in the UK. Feeling glad to be here..

...........The conversation went on on and on............ And we forgot that we were there to get the car key not to hold an interview! xD

Then I asked,

Nur: Does Maher zain know that he's got a lot of Malaysia fan?
Mm: Yeah..he knows that. He said, "Brother, if I go to Malaysia, I have to walk like this" (while pulling his collar up and hide his face behind it). LOL!!!
A sister used to say "The beautiful thing one can make for someone is dua''.

I'm kind of girl who has always believed in miracles and currently am doing a countdown, wishing and hoping for the best. Truly need your prayers :)

Merci beaucoup. Jazakallah.

7 Zulkaedah 1431
Swansea, Wales.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Learning Islam forever - Exclusive words

A few things have been on my mind lately. Trying to work out the pros and cons of these matters...surely, I'm taking it positively Alhamdulillah. Apart from that, I have also been to several gatherings around Wales, attempting to make all of them before the 'big day'!

Following these two, I was somehow driven to a point where I looked at back and tried to evaluate myself, my manners and my approach to people around me. Whether it is
to school friends, friends in Malaysia, boys, girls, my family or my community, they are all included. To do that, I guess I have to go back to basic, back to quran and sunnah.

Then I came across a writing written by Uncle (Ust) Erfino from MSD Ed Attache, UK. I was moved. Truly moved. It never got into my head before but it opened my eyes, my mind and heart once I read it. I recommend it to you people. Salut!

I'm sorry if I ever made my words too exclusive. Perhaps I forgot who I am dealing with. I'm not only a Muslim student but I'm a Muslim who's learning Islam forever inshAllah.
Peace! Y^_^Y

A Word or Two - Don't make it exclusive!

07 Okt. 2010 - Our weekly circle is open for all. People of any backgrounds can just pop in and we can get to know each other freely, without any hidden agendas or organisation barrier. Whether you're a student, professional, community member, artists or celebrities, all are invited. During our weekly circle, I picked up two hadith of our beloved Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. Recorded by Abi Hurairah R.A, our Prophet said, 'If any one of you is leading the prayer, do make it light to your congregation, as among them are those who are incapable, sick and old. And if you're praying alone, be free to prolong your prayer as you wish'.

In another hadith, recorded by Abi Qatadah al Harith ibn Rib'iyy R.A, the Messenger of Allah said, 'I was just about to lead (the congregation) for the prayer, and I've determined to prolong it, when I heard a boy crying. I then had my prayer lighter (finish early), as I don't want it to be a burden to his mother'.

First of all, solah is originally exclusive. It is meant for Allah and solely for Him. It is a package of performance with specific words and actions. We don't bow to people, we don't make our head equal and level to our feet while performing for people. We do it only to Allah. It's by right, an exclusive communication session between a man and his Creator. But still, in a matters where human's dignity is not just respected but preserved by Islam, there's something that can be done during the prayers or in the performance of prayers.

In the first hadith, the Prophet mentioned that as an Imam, you're standing in an exclusive spot. You'll be leading the congregation and perform the best you can in the name of Allah. You wouldn't dare to underestimate the words and actions done during the prayers. That particular time is solely for Allah. On top of that, Imam or the leader is being reminded that although you're leading and controlling the session and capable of making it the long performance, you must bear in mind that within the people who are following you, they come from a different backgrounds, they have different stories and issues, they might not be as good as you think you're or you feel. So, although this is solah or prayer from you to Allah, make it short and make it achievable to follow by others. Some might think that whenever prayer is mentioned, you'll have to push yourselves and do things exactly as the Imam does, perfectly.

It is the responsibility of the Imam to ensure that not just the congregation need to catch him, he as well, must open the opportunity for the congregation to feel that they're not neglected or left behind. And the Prophet continues, there wasn't any issues should you're performing alone, as you may make your prayer performance longer as you wish.

In any organisations, leaders are bound to manage and control it from every dimensions. Now, some people might get this silly idea that in order for him as a leader to control his organisation, he should do everything, he should involve in everything, he should be informed directly on everything! Imagine what could possibly happen if you have a leader who needs to be informed on every single tiny thing? Or having a leader who will do everything and leave his followers nothing but to agree and to work with the rigid sample provided by him? In this matter, our Prophet did delegate the power to his companions to make decisions by saying, ' All of you are better off than me in things that you do and know in life'. The empowerment system has been highlighted and introduced by our Prophet.

Another set of example is by his taqrir. Means, his positive affirmation on matters done by his companions. Whatever good things that his companions say and do, the Prophet didn't indicate any rejection. He kept himself by commenting, but not ignoring at the same time. It's a matter of giving a trust to his followers and giving the freedom for them to peel their potential accordingly. The exclusiveness is only on the revelation, as it is specifically for the Prophet. But as for life matters, big and small, let's just be a normal human, who needs assistance and delegates tasks appropriately.

What the hadith shown to us is, it's true that solah or prayer is compulsory, it's true that it's the only time we communicate with Allah and we always wanted to prolong it, due to our love to Allah. But, when you're performing in congregation, and especially when you're managing and leading it, always remember that the people behind you are not all the same. The may have limitations that you might not have, and at the same time, they surely have strength and advantages that you maybe, able to dream of having it! So, take it slow and steadily sail through it.

On the other side of the coin, we can clearly pick up the importance of openness. Whilst performing prayer can even shows its flexibility by having it light when it comes to congregation and understanding the needs of children, why can't we have an openness and flexibility upon giving and receiving Islamic teachings?

Islamic based organisations must not teach their followers to nurture the inappropriate exclusiveness. They must not be brought up in an atmosphere that telling them to put forward their organisation on other Islamic organisations. They must not be informed, directly or indirectly, that their organisation is better than others, their usrah and its syllabus is better than others, their events and activities are much better than others! If this happens, the complementing factor of having so many Islamic societies and various Islamic based organisations will be dumped into despair. And consequently, the prejudice and hatred will gradually, pushed in.

I delivered through my talks in many occasions with students that whenever any movement, society or organisation choosing Islam to be their slogan, motto or even as stated vision and aspired mission, they'll need to open their teachings and dakwah to all. The leaders, name it Nuqaba', Ameer etc will not to positively challenge themselves to face new faces and audiences that they're not familiar with. Having you preaching to a group of young lads who are already aware about their muslim responsibilities, who have enriched themselves with not just good guidance and thoughts, but also good actions on a regular basis. It's good though, it's brilliant. But, what about those who are not familiar with religious activities.

Try to speak to a person whom preferences are Malaysian Nights and gigs, besides you get close with those who are a regular attendees of Nasyeed Sheffield and usrah. Imagine what will you get? You'll see a wide range of gaps that need to be filled with a lot of things. We're complaining on situations where muslim males and females students live together in the same house? How many times have we actually made a contact with them. Eventually or occasionally, has any communications been made? I believe maybe there is, but it's too small compared to a bigger picture.

A preacher or a daie would be encouraged to step outside of his or her comfy circle. You'll see that there's more time to be dedicated to these types of people, rather than striving your ability in fullest to accomodate those who at the moment, might need less attention and guidance! It maybe the time for them to move and act freely, based with the knowledge and Islamic materials that we put on them!

Don't dictate them to only listening and accepting notes and statements from their own Islamic organisation, or favouring only selected muslim speakers and specific favourable scholars. Widen their scope of perception. Your followers and your workers in Islamic deeds are very highly aspired and motivated. Do avoid of giving them any impressions that your organisation is and will only devoted to certain speakers or preachers, due to the similarity of membership and engagement that both parties might have.

If we do this, indirectly, we teach our young good lads to be judgmental on things that is favourable to the organisation, but not necesasarily agreed and understood by the followers. Make them accessible by getting to know others, so many muslim and Islamic good organisations. Knowing and the awareness of the existence of other great muslim efforts will not effect their 'membership' with your organisation! If it does, then can we put a priority for any of our colleagues to become good muslims, more than loyally surrendering their membership to you? If a prayer can be shortened just for the sake a child crying, and the Prophet feels that it might become a burden to the mother who is at the same, praying, then why can't we extract the gees of it and apply the moral of it in different situation and approach, in our dakwah and communications.

After all, it is indeed, a disheartening to witness a 'mutual' arguements splashing and winding the relation between Islamic organisations. For their leaders, the transparent one to the public or the 'unseen' manager, let's hit the pitch. Get to know other unfamiliar players on the pitch, deliver your things, and see, whether you can play as a team player. To all Islamic organisations' leaders, give fairness to your followers. After all, we're utilising the same material as our guidance, and it's Islam. Islam is for all, so don't make it exclusive only to you and your organisation. Allah Knows best.

Friday, 8 October 2010

Cool is sick

"This is sick!" kata pemuda itu sambil memeriksa Tomtom (satelite navigator) di luar kereta.

Mukanya serius.
Berpandang-pandangan gadis2 di dalam kereta.
Kena marah ke?

Then we found out later that....

"This is sick" dalam slang Cardiff maksudnya "This is cool!". Alamak, kontranya!

Bagaimana begini? Maaflah, orang Swansea sangat jarang guna. Maka tak tahu juga. Walaubagaimanapun, bukan dalam semua ayat sick bermaksud cool. "I am a sick person" bukan bermakna "I am a cool person" ye... :)

Moral: Never stop exploring every corner of your life - people, language, religion et cetera!

Kisah atas ni agak sama dengan kisah eksplorasi loghat Kelantan saya. Tokki dan tokwan saya orang Terengganu tapi pindah ke Kelantan, mereka guna dwi-loghat.

"Eh kita pukul gamba dulu deh", ajak sepupu saya.
"HAA? Apa itu pukul gamba??"
"Tangkap gamba loh"

Wahh...macamana taking picture boleh jadi smacking picture?! Hebat. hebat ore kelate ni masyallah. That is sick!

'When I hear somebody sigh 'Life is hard' I am always tempted to ask, 'Compared to what?' " (Sydney J Harris)

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Keropok vs Fish crisps

Satu hari di open house hari raya kami, Swansea..

"Mummy...mummy I'm hungry", rengek Amel dengan muka masam di dapur.
"What do you want, Amel?", tanya saya. Auntie Catherine (emaknya) hanya tersenyum..Amel ni memang selalu lapar.
"I don't know...", rengekan bersambung.
"Haaa! Do you want 'fish crisp'? It tastes nice", jawab saya sambil menuding pada 'fish crips' atas meja.
"Noo...its not fish crisp!", Amel bersuara marah.
"Yes it is fish crisp!"
"No its not crisps! I don't want it"
"Yes IT IS"
"No IT'S NOT...its Keropok!!!" jeritnya geram sambil lari.

Terpaku, tergamam saya mendengarnya. Terpukul. Dang it! Budak ni tahu fish crisps dalam Bahasa Melayu - Keropok rupanya.

Teringat iklan susu yang budak tu geleng-geleng kepala banyak kali bila ayah dia cakap "Bunga" "Bunga". Akhirnya dia cakap "Orkid lah".

Moral: Never underestimate 'little' people in your life.

Amel si comel Melayu-Perancis

Saturday, 18 September 2010

My birthday has past? :O

My birthday is not next week (24/9), its 5 months ago!! Photobucket Hijri calendar.

The Hijri date is the Islamic calendar. It started in the moon year in which prophet Muhammad immigrated from Makkah to Madinah.

I think every Muslim should practice using the Hijri calendar not only as one of the 'decorations' on their Gregorian calendar. i.e. Birthdays, Anniversary etc. I remember my late grandfather used to use Hijri dates in his preaching diary and sometimes when writing letters. Same goes to my grandparents from my mum's side.

But at that time, I saw it like nothing. Meant nothing.

It would be hard to use it daily here (UK) because every planner and calendar bought from shops have no Hijri dates. Perhaps I can start it with my birthday! A bit by bit.

I was born on Thursday 27 Raby` al-awal 1413 A.H and its Syawwal now, so basically its in the past...start it next birthday then insha Allah. hihi :)

Find out your Hijri birthday click here!

Friday, 3 September 2010

Muslim blogger: Tak nak futur..

Cabaran2 muslim bloggers;

1. Niat

Niat adalah perkara pokok dalam agama. Ia menentukan sama ada sesuatu yang kita lakukan menjadi amalan soleh atau nanti terbuang menjadi satu kesia-siaan. Untuk menulis entri blog, semestinya penulis menggunakan aset terpenting dalam hidup iaitu jiwanya. Apa yang saya maksudkan dengan jiwa? Itulah dia masa yang Allah S.W.T. peruntukkan untuk kita hidup di dunia. Mencari bahan, menghadam, menulis, melakukan kerja-kerja editorial, menerbitkan serta menyemak semula. Semua ini memerlukan kepada masa. Masa yang ada pada kita sifatnya berkurangan. Susut. Tidak bertambah. Suka tidak suka kita semakin hampir kepada titik akhir saat berada dan menikmati kehidupan di dunia.

Maha rugi jika kita tidak berusaha menukarkan masa yang kita ada kepada sesuatu dan tidak menukarnya menjadi amal soleh yang kekal abadi dan dapat membantu kita dalam kehidupan sebenar di akhirat nanti. Hal ini hanya dapat dicapai dengan niat yang ikhlas, semata-mata mengharapkan rahmat dan balasan daripada Allah S.W.T.

Niat manusia terdedah kepada pelbagai kotoran, noda dan dosa dan ia BOLEH dikotori dan dinodai. Pelbagai bentuk lintasan hati, pujuk rayu nafsu dan syaitan yang sedikit demi sedikit memesongkan niat walaupun pada asalnya ia bersih dan lurus.

Sebagai manusia biasa, niat kita tidak akan tiba-tiba menjadi ikhlas tanpa hidayah dan usaha berpanjangan daripada pihak kita. Jangan meninggalkan satu-satu amalan hanya dengan alasan kita masih belum ikhlas. Jika amalan itu baik, maka kerjakanlah! Dan dalam masa yang sama belajarlah erti keikhlasan semasa kamu mengerjakannya.

2. Benar

Apabila kita menulis, ada pula yang membacanya. Maka berlaku proses pemindahan ilmu, maklumat, informasi. Lambakan ilmu menjadi ancaman kepada orang yang malas dan tidak mahu ambil peduli tentang kesahihan ilmu yang diperolehnya. Penyakit ‘copy and paste’ tidak hanya menyerang penulisan ilmiah di institusi pendidikan, malah turut meresap menjadi modus operandi dalam mendapatkan ilmu pengetahuan di zaman ini.

Menulis perlu dengan ilmu. Ilmu diperoleh melalui pembacaan, menghadiri majlis-majlis ilmu, mendengar kuliah-kuliah di radio, atas talian(seperti di youtube dsb.). Hal ini sangat penting kerana orang yang tiada apa-apa tidak akan dapat untuk memberi apa-apa. Untuk mengisi kita perlu berisi.

Pilihlah topik yang kita punya ilmu pengetahuan tentangnya. Bukan menulis secara sembarangan. Ingat, yang ingin kita sebarkan adalah kebenaran, bukan kebatilan. Yang ingin kita peroleh adalah pahala dan redha, bukannya dosa dan murka.

3. Amali

Walk the talk
. Cabaran ini selalu kita lupakan. Allah menempelak dalam al-Quran akan golongan yang menyeru kepada kebaikan sedangkan mereka melupakan diri sendiri. FirmanNya:
“Patutkah kamu menyuruh manusia supaya berbuat kebaikan sedang kamu lupa akan diri kamu sendiri; padahal kamu semua membaca Kitab Allah, tidakkah kamu berakal?” (Al-Baqarah 2: 44)

Seharusnya kita menjadi orang yang pertama-tama mengambil ‘ibrah(pengajaran) daripada pesan dan nasihat serta seru-seru yang kita paparkan di blog kita. Sewajarnya kitalah insan yang berusaha mengamalkan apa yang kita kongsikan dengan sidang pembaca blog atas talian. Bukankah kita serukan apa yang kita imani(percaya)? Bukankah iman itu dibenarkan dengan amalan? Jika kita sendiri tidak beramal, maka jatuhlah kita ke dalam gaung kerugian bersama-sama dengan kelompok manusia yang melakukan perkara sepertinya; menyeru manusia lain tetapi diri sendiri terabai.

4. Kualiti

Blog menjadi duta digital yang mewakili individu mahupun organisasi. Tanggapan pertama (first impression) terhasil dengan melihat sepintas lalu laman sesawang ini. Menghasilkan penulisan dan lain-lain karya di blog seorang muslim bukanlah satu perkara yang sepatutnya dilakukan dengan wewenang(sesuka hati) apatah lagi secara semberono. Apatah lagi blog seorang Muslim boleh sahaja dilayari oleh orang-orang bukan Islam yang sedang mencari-cari kebenaran.

Ia juga adalah panji-panji kita di medan pertempuran maya ini. Terlalu banyak blog dengan pengisian yang memesongkan manusia menjauh dari Allah. Kita perlukan ‘sesuatu’ supaya di hadapan orang-orang kuffar kita boleh berasa ‘izzah(megah). ‘Izzah dengan Islam yang menjadi identiti blog kita. Kualiti; penilaiannya berbeza daripada seorang individu dengan individu yang lain.

Mungkin kita boleh melihat beberapa aspek umum yang terkandung pada sisi ini:

  • Isu
  • Susunan isi/Pengolahan
  • Pemilihan/kesahihan mak lumat dan fakta
  • Gaya bahasa/pemilihan perkataan
  • Tanda bacaan/ejaan/tatabahasa
  • Rujukan (jika ada-artikel yang diambil daripada laman lain perlu diberikan kredit sebagai tanda profesionalisme, hor mat, jujur dan terima kasih kepada empunya artikel berkenaan)
  • Kekerapan posting artikel(tidak terlalu lama jaraknya hingga menyebabkan pembaca hilang minat untuk selalu menziarahi blog kita).

Mungkin kondisi yang tersenarai masuk dalam kategori ideal. Sekiranya ya, maka berpeganglah dengan kata-kata ini: “Tidak dapat buat semua, jangan tinggal semua.” Berbuatlah mengikut keupayaan diri.

5. Akhlak

Tanpa akhlak, manusia seperti binatang, melanggar segala sesuatu dan tidak menghiraukan kesannya. Dalam blogging, kuncinya adalah pada BAHASA. Bahasa adalah alat untuk menyampaikan pemikiran kita. Cuba anda bayangkan; sang A yang mahu memberikan sepotong kek kepada si B yang sedang kelaparan. Sang A punya niat yang murni supaya kelaparan B akan hilang dengan asbab pemberian kek tersebut. Sebaik bertemu si B, sang A melemparkan kek itu ke lantai seraya berkata:


Dalam masa yang sama niatnya dirasakan sang A masih murni; mahu mengubat kelaparan si B.

Ironi bukan?

Begitulah lagaknya penulis blog yang m ahu menyatakan kebenaran, menyampaikan pesanan, tetapi mengambil kaedah yang saya kira silap untuk sampai kepada cita-cita dan niatnya yang murni itu. Apatah lagi jika subjek yang ditujukan pesanan itu adalah saudara seakidah dengannya. Tiada akhlak. Tidak beradab. Membelakangkan hikmah.

6. Istiqamah
Kelangsungan dalam beramal walaupun sedikit adalah satu anjuran dalam agama Islam. Turun naik semangat dalam mengendalikan blog juga merupakan perkara yang perlu dihadapi oleh para pengemudi blog Muslim. Bagi yang menulis tanpa matlamat jelas, maka kemungkinan untuk terhenti di tengah jalan adalah tinggi.

Mungkin ada beberapa perkara yang boleh saya kongsikan untuk menghadapi perkara seperti ini:
  • Niat perlu senantiasa perbaharui dan bebas daripada kongkongan asbab keduniaan-kerana yang di dunia tidak kekal, hilang sebab, hilang usaha.
  • Himmah(Keazaman) yang tinggi-berte kad dan meletakkan target peribadi untuk mengemaskini blog
  • Ilham atau idea kadangkala perlu dijana, tidak datang sendiri. Banyakkan membaca, berfikir serta merenung kejadian di sekeliling kita.
  • Jika blog sudah terbiar untuk satu tempoh yang agak panjang, rasa malas dan bosan akan bertumpuk-tumpuk. Untuk itu, bolehlah kiranya kita menukar appearance atau penampilan blog kita (dengan mengenakan tema baru misalnya). Semoga dengan itu kita juga akan memotivasi diri kita. Seakan-akan melihat ‘wajah baru’. Kemudian barulah perlahan-lahan menambah kandungan blog.
  • Berdoa agar Allah memberikan kita kekuatan untuk terus beramal dalam lapangan ini.

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Maher Zain di Wales

Alkisah bermula dari kem Islamic Relief (IR), kami dapat tahu dari Newport-ians yang Maher Zain akan datang ke sana buat persembahan. Entri percuma lagi tuh. Persembahan sempena ulangtahun satu organisasi dan juga untuk kutipan Ramadan.

Apa lagi, balik kem terus ajak ibu ayah pergi...excited2 =D Maher Zain ada dua persembahan hari itu, pertama di Bristol dan kedua di Newport. Program di Bristol lagi besar dan IR adalah sponsor utama program - IR buat kutipan sempena Ramadan untuk Afrika. Memang nak pergi buat volunteering (+ watch MZ's performance!!) di sana, transport provided, tapi sayang sekali, selisih dengan Red Cross training.

Sebelum ni, tak pernah tengok internation singer on I guess giving up a bit of RC training would be ok! Pergi RCT separuh hari saja. Alhamdulillah tak adalah rasa menyesal sangat sebab persembahan Maher Zain memang terbaiiiikk lah! Subhanallah 3x!

MZ nyanyi 6 lagu - Allahi Allah Kiya Karo, Barakallah, Always Be There, Inshallah, The Chosen One, Open Your Eyes. MZ tak nyanyi lagu 'For the rest of my life'.....sian kakak nak dengar :P But he sang my favourite - Always be there!Depan sekali....well chances don't come easily! My sis and me.
Credit to Rosie, the photographer =)
Autograf. Satu tandatangan, satu tarikan. Kenapa ya?

Yang berkopiah merah itu namanya Haiqal Muflahi, seorang komposer, penulis lirik dan juga penyanyi nasyid.

Orang berbaju merah itu buat volunteering sama dengan saya dan kakak bawah IR Wales, jadi dia tolong arrange untuk dapatkan satu gambar kami sefamili dengan M.Z sebab kami datang jauh dari Swansea (walaupun tak jauh mana pun). Orang berbaju merah itu adalah driver M.Z ke program di Wales ni. Tak suruh atau minta pun sebenarnya, tapi dia yang offer, go on sajalah. Kronisme? Taklah. xD
Poster program.Kanak-kanak yang teruja dengan lagu 'Allahi Allah Kiya Karo'. Tak berapa faham, tapi layan sajalah ^_~
Adik Yemeni yang sangat comel dan cheeky! Dia bisik beberapa kali dengan Maher Zain, mahu shake hands katanya.

Salah satu jualan pada cultural festival ini. Kawan Newport saya, Afsana lukis(?)! Sangat cantik.

"He has a really nice voice although I don't really understand his songs," kata Rosie yang kami seret ke sana. Ops, bukan seret, dia nak ikut.

Rosie bersama adik berbaju hijau yang sangat lovely!! She loves giving hugs..
Sisi. Yang dari hadapan, too cool to show! hihi
Pulang pen. Tak larat nak tanda autograf? xD

Balik dari sana, singgah sekejap di rumah a.Aidil & k.Hanim di Cardiff. Kak Hanim baru pindah kerja dari Ireland ke Cardiff dan juga fan lagu Maher Zain. Kesian k.Hanim tak tahu pasal program MZ di Newport...tak terfikir nak beritahu. Maaf kak :)

P.S. Come again to Wales, Maher Zain! And Malaysia too!

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Elevator Ramadan

Ramadhan Mubarak! Ramadan kareem!


lol. Joking2.

Pernah tak korang tersangkut dalam lif?
di bulan ramadan?

Saya pernah! Photobucket

Mula-mula tersangkut, rasa tak percaya. Nak tekan emergency button pun ragu-ragu, 'biar betik tersangkut?'. First time, first experience!

Sekali tekan, 1 saat. Kali kedua, 4 saat. Terakhir, tujuh saat. Lama gak tunggu...banyak lampu2 terang, air-cond tiada, panas. Alhamdulillah tiada orang lain, jika tak pasti lagi suam suhunya.

"Hello, hello!"
"Can you hear me?"
"Are you all right there?
"Which floor are you at?
"Don't worry, we'll get you out"

Ok! Soalan dah banyak, bunyi krok-krek di luar, berpeluh sudah...bila cik pintu lif mahu buka?

"Yeyyyy!", orang2 luar bersorak gembira.
"Come on, get out before it close again!", panggil mereka pada saya yang tercacak tersenyum di depan pintu.Photobucket Fuhh...macam segan pula nak keluar T_T. Terus saya pergi ke ibu yang muka sangat kerisauan...mestilah, anak ibu kan. *winks*

Lepas hari tersangkut lif, bila tengok 'muka' lif, terus paling ke anak-anak tangga. Bila terserempak dengan staff2 yang tolong bukakan lif, menebal-nebal rasa segan. Naik satu tingkat pun nak guna lif...haish.Photobucket

Apa-apa pun, Ramadan mestilah challenging kan! Level iman & amal nak naik cepat dan tinggi2 macam elevator kan. Sabar2 (:

Alhamdulillah ala kulli hal~

Saturday, 31 July 2010

Britain Itu Apa

Saya tinggal di Swansea, Wales, United Kingdom. Bukan England dan bukan juga London.

Bagaimanalah mahu jawab soalan2 "Best tak England?", "London macamana?". Nak terangkan, panjang sangatlah pula. Jadi jawab sajalah as if soalan itu merujuk pada uk. *winks*

Yang mana satu UK, England?
Macamana negara Scotland boleh ada dalam UK?
Tidak maklum.
Wales negara apa pula?

United Kingdom adalah sebuah negara yang terdiri daripada negara-negara atau countries within a country. Atau nama lebih tepatnya 'United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland'. Negara-negaranya ialah England, Wales, Scotland dan Northern Ireland.

Great Britain lain pula. Hanya England, Wales dan Scotland termasuk. Disebabkan mereka ini lain-lain negara, benderanya tak sama tapi serupa kecuali bendera Wales yang agak 'out of the blue' sedikit.
Clockwise: Bendera UK, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland dan Wales


England adalah negara yang paling ramai penduduknya di UK dan beribu negarakan London. Siapa yang suka tinggal di bandar besar dan banyak bangunan tinggi (dan juga pencemaran udara yang lebih :P), England adalah terbaik untuk anda. Bandar-bandar yang popular kebanyakannya di sini seperti London, Bristol, Oxford, Cambridge, Birmingham, Manchester, Sheffield, Liverpool, Nottingham...maka jika kalian suka popular, duduklah kat sini. hehe~

Orang England dipanggil English dan bahasa kebangsaan pastinya English.

Wales adalah tempat pelancongan popular di UK. Kalau tengok caravan package, Wales paling mahal sebab ia memang cun, permai dan cuacanya tak terlalu sejuk seperti di Scotland. Kat sini banyak ladang, kambing biri-biri, pantai seperti countryside.

Ibu kota Wales ialah Cardiff dan bahasa rasminya ialah bahasa Welsh. Pemandu dari tempat lain mesti pening bila masuk Wales sebab semua papan tanda jalan termasuklah nama-nama tempat ada dua bahasa - English dan Welsh. Nak rasa? Croeso i Cymru!

Orang Wales pula dinamakan Welsh dan mereka ini sungguh patriotik. Mereka agak sensitif kalau kata mereka ni English..kang tak pasal2 kene ketuk. :P Masyarakat Wales masih berjaya mengekalkan bahasa Welsh mereka terutama di kampung-kampung.


Ia terletak di utara UK yang sejuk. Tempat yang selalu salji turun bila tempat lain salji tak turun. Bila tempat lain bersalji untuk beberapa jam, Scotland mungkin salji beberapa hari. Sejuk!

Seorang Scotland dipanggil Scottish, yang juga nama bahasanya. Pakaian tradisional mereka yang popular ialah 'kilt' dan lengkapnya seperti gambar sebelah. Macam kain pelikat versi pendek kan?? :D

Ibu negaranya ialah Edinburgh dan bandar2 utama disana adalah seperti Glasgow, Aberdeen dan Dundee. Scotland juga mempunyai sistem pembelajarannya dan sistem2 lain yang tersendiri berbanding negara lain.

Northern Ireland

Sayat tak pernah sampai Northern Ireland lagi, jadi tak tahu sangat ceritanya. Kena gi dulu. ;) Northern Ireland terletak di sebelah Republik Ireland dan ibu negaranya ialah Belfast. Ia berada di bawah UK manakala Republik Ireland ialah satu negara yang lain. N.Ireland dan R.Ireland adalah satu negara sama yang sama satu masa dahulu tapi berpisah. Orangnya pula dipanggil Northern Irish. Apa lagi eh? tiada inputlah. huhu

'When people say England, they sometimes mean Great Britain, sometimes the United Kingdom, sometimes the British Isles - but never England.' How to be an Alien' by George Mikes
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