Returning to Him

To God we belong, to Him we return. Al fatihah for Allayarham bro Dr. Mas Afzal Masarudin, a cancer fighter, a da'ie and a role model who passed away this early morning. The news was shocking. He was a full spirit, humble guy who did dakwah solely to seek Allah's blessings back in the UK when I first knew about his story. I happened to know him when he became one of FUiYO (Fun With ILuvIslam's Youth Oversea) 2009's speakers. Almost everyone was amazed with his spirits.
My father also wrote about him on Harakah newspaper months ago which you can read from here - He too was the 'Not the Primrose Path's blog owner A deep condolence from me and my family for his family. He was indeed a fighter, a strong one. May Allah lets him stand with those who stand for Allah.
One says "Good friends write song after you die. Better friends offer prayers on your death. Best friends pray for you until their death." Al-Fatihah.
My teacher had repeatedly said that the questions asked in the grave are already leaked but the truth is, not the mouth that'll answer (by memorising) but your deeds that you have collected during your lifetime will do it. We knew that, and yet, ignore it. There's always between wrong and right, bad deeds and good deeds, the Nar (Hell) and Jannah (Heaven).

You choose. I choose too.

p/s: I finished my mid term exam!!!


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