My birthday has past? :O

My birthday is not next week (24/9), its 5 months ago!! Photobucket Hijri calendar.

The Hijri date is the Islamic calendar. It started in the moon year in which prophet Muhammad immigrated from Makkah to Madinah.

I think every Muslim should practice using the Hijri calendar not only as one of the 'decorations' on their Gregorian calendar. i.e. Birthdays, Anniversary etc. I remember my late grandfather used to use Hijri dates in his preaching diary and sometimes when writing letters. Same goes to my grandparents from my mum's side.

But at that time, I saw it like nothing. Meant nothing.

It would be hard to use it daily here (UK) because every planner and calendar bought from shops have no Hijri dates. Perhaps I can start it with my birthday! A bit by bit.

I was born on Thursday 27 Raby` al-awal 1413 A.H and its Syawwal now, so basically its in the past...start it next birthday then insha Allah. hihi :)

Find out your Hijri birthday click here!


Aisyah Kamilia said…
happy belated birthday my dear;)
kita sama bulan birthday la kiranya macam ni dik. akak 24 rabiulawal. ^_^ boleh lah sambut sama2 lepas nih. hehe
Qurrata 'Ayun said…
Jom jom ;) Kalau ada chance, boleh saja iA. eheh