Kawan baik/BFF Maher zain

Verily, dua' is worship [At Tirmidhi]

Have you ever made a wish to God and it is fulfilled? It feels amazing, isn't it?

Having faith that your every dua' is heard and will be answered is a warm soothe to hearts. No matter its in time of despair or cheer, it always counts. Just like what Allah says in Al-Baqarah:186 "Call upon Me, I will answer you"...how beautiful is that? There is absolutely no hesitation. No doubt. No 'if'.

Patience in waiting is all what you need. Just have Iman in every Allah's word.

And if your dua' is not answered in the world, Rasulullah said, the reward of the dua' will be moved forward - to The Day of Judgement. Never once your dua' is a waste unless you say "Allah didn't answer my prayer". God loves those who make dua' everyday. Even saying "Assalamualaikum wbt" to someone is a call to HIM!

I did a post regarding Maher zain's performance at Newport, Wales just before Ramadan click. At the end of it, I wished he'll come again to the UK and come to Malaysia too. Then, just a few days before first Syawwal, below meeting happened where I was told about MZ's plan to come to Malaysia. About two weeks after that, MZ's Malaysia tour was everywhere on facebook. And currently he's having a tour in Malaysia which means my wish was fulfilled! subhanallah subhanallah ^___^

Well...I'm only a fan of his songs not a die-hard-fan, so it wasn't heartbreaking not seeing his performance there. hehe =)

Here is a little story attached...
Once upon a time at an Europcar counter in a western country, Sweden. Late Ramadhan 1431.

Daddy: Hello
Mm: Assalamualaikum
Daddy: oh..waalaikumussalam
Mm: Are you all from Malaysia?
Daddy: Yes..yes
Mm: Ooh. My friend is going to go to Malaysia soon. He's a singer...
Daddy: Maher Zain? (higher tone)
Mm: Yeahh, yeah! (excited)
Daddy: He's your friend???
Mm: He is actually my best best best friend! You guys've just missed him, he was at my house two days ago and we had an iftar together. He lives near by this place but he's in egypt now.

I remember Mm said "Maher zain was under the same company as Lady Gaga in the US but Subhanallah he left it. He wants to sing for the sake of Allah." That was a kick. There are certainly more people who can be like 'MZs'. Those who go back to the fitrah (nature), those who go back to The One, Allah.

Do you know 'For The Rest of My Life' song? Maher zain performed that song on Mm's wedding day as he's his BFF! (Wahhh~~~) FYI, MZ is married. Hmm...its like a story time listening to his stories about MZ's family, Islam in Sweden, Europe and Swedish culture. There's quite a big difference between the widespread of Islam and its practice level in Sweden compared to the UK. Its really much more advanced in the UK. Feeling glad to be here..

...........The conversation went on on and on............ And we forgot that we were there to get the car key not to hold an interview! xD

Then I asked,

Nur: Does Maher zain know that he's got a lot of Malaysia fan?
Mm: Yeah..he knows that. He said, "Brother, if I go to Malaysia, I have to walk like this" (while pulling his collar up and hide his face behind it). LOL!!!
A sister used to say "The beautiful thing one can make for someone is dua''.

I'm kind of girl who has always believed in miracles and currently am doing a countdown, wishing and hoping for the best. Truly need your prayers :)

Merci beaucoup. Jazakallah.

7 Zulkaedah 1431
Swansea, Wales.


Anonymous said…
wow!! :DDD
Mohammad Aiman said…
de rien.

vous peux parlez dans francais? haha..

btw, Mm tu sapa?
best nye best fren MZ haha
FM said…
beruntung dapat mengenali MZ dengan lebih dekat, beliau ternyata sangat humble :)