Replacing 'sunat lie'

Sunnah: The way and the manners of Rasulullah saw
Sunat: Optional, if you do you get rewards from Allah and if you don't, you get nothing

We often hear people make 'sunat lie' or 'bohong sunat' with such excuses. And even ourselves. In fact, it does not exist at all in Islam. Below is a story of how Imam Shafie tried to avoid from lying. However, this only can be used in certain cases. It might mislead people in some cases.

A story of Imam Shafie:

One day, Imam Shafie was sitting on a bench and he saw a man ran swiftly towards him. As the man passing by the bench, Imam Shafie could see how pale and fearful he looked. Just after the man gone from his sight, another man holding a cleaver approached him with an agry expression on his face.

"Have you seen a man ran by here just now?" the second man asked in rush.

And of course, Imam Shafie didn't want something bad happen if he says 'Yes'. Then - thinking time. Looking calm, he stood in front of that man.

He replied "Hmm..since I was here, I haven't seen anybody"

Hearing Imam Shafie's answer, the man just went.

*Explanation: Imam Shafie said 'here' referring where he was standing. Before that, he was sitting 'there' (which is not his current position when he replied). So, he wasn't lying. Get it?
Hadith Rasulullah saw, "A munafiq is;
whenever he talks, he lies
whenever trusted, he betrays
whenever he makes a promise, he breaks it"

So, no 'sunat lie' or 'bohong sunat' - it drives us to Munafiqin path. We want to be Mu'min, of course. May Allah strengthens our Islamic faiths!

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amighul said…
i did hear this story ( i can't recall when) but in a difference version.. inilh yg dkatakan perbezaan antara bohomg dan helah. am i right?
Mustak said…
i really dont like to be lie anyoen or for anything but still some situation make me to lie. as allah says in quran that it desnt call a lie when u want to save another 100 good things for anything that ways of sunnah. we have to try always to be truthful in any condition as mohammad (pbuh) did for all uammah and also we have to keep our imaan and amal strong and in right path way.
PrinCeSs NuR said…
NNM > Amighul

I got this story from LIVE ceramah from Ust Nasarudin Tantawi :)

yep. betul2. itu perbezaan antara bohong dan helah. (sy pun bru prasan hehe)
PrinCeSs NuR said…
NNM > Mustak

I think u got confused between SUNNAH and SUNAT. (explanation updated on this post, check it out)

And seriously, would you quote which surah and ayat in Qur'an say that please?
Because Allah swt doesn't allow us to reach our aim to do good thing by doing BAD thing.

As I said before, lying could make us lost from the right path.