Of Seventeen

Salam, readers!!

Another semi-long break from blogging as
well as from writing, thus blocking the ideas and updates. As now I'm doing subjects of sciences, maths and french, it limits my writing time (well except for a 250 words-long french essay) and forms quite serious plaque as a result. LOL. On the contrary, I shine more on reading which could improve my vocabulary. Allah's plan..masyallah. I am happy (:

Just a quick update.

The dustiest one is my 17th birthday which was one and half month ago. 24/9. Oh yes..it is. As we were still in raya mood, my sister and I asked our friends to come over to our place to celebrate it together. Sort of a gathering and I met Carol after four months the school over. I missed her, of course. Coincidentally, those who were there were us the malaysians, Carol a Chinese, Sabrina a Benggali, Mette from Denmark, Rosie from England and Emma a Welsh. Colourful races like a rainbow!

I couldn't stop smiling at my friend's question on how to cook fried fish (for nasi kerabu). It seems easy but its a knowledge! Learn and practice. Posses the knowledge and benefit your Islam and the universe - "There are two societal fatal blows: an ignorant loner and a dissolute thinker.” Be neither (:

I love one story of my after-born stories. The one that my uncle had never bored telling me again and again. Its about my arwah atuk's excitements on having the second grandchild. On the way to see me by car, he stopped and told anyone he met near by the mosque, 'Nak tengok cucu baru ni!' with a wide smile. How lovely! And now that grandchild is seventeen and is missing him.

Thanks for wishes, presents, cards from everyone. The funny part is that my best friend, Adibah wished me a happy birthday on 24/8, a month earlier just in case she can't get out from her boarding skool in Malaysia. I was like, "Its not yet Dib!!". ^_^

On 2nd November, it was my best Ibu's birthday - Wan Noraidah Wan Ismail. I certainly wouldn't be here without her. I was planning to give her Roses but I cancelled it after I saw a bouquet of flowers from Ayah for Ibu. =D A box of chocolate and a chocolate cake from me and Kakak.

Remember [17:24]
"Out of kindness, lower to them (parents) the wing of humility, and say: "My Lord! bestow on them thy Mercy even as they cherished me in childhood." Love you Mummy!

A few people asked me regarding the last two post about Ramadhan in Swanc Univ Mosque because they thought I'm in Univ already. No laa..too young for univ, still doing A-level in sixth form in BGCSchool and Kolej LautAngsa. There are three (or probably more) mosques in here and one of them is located in univ area, the nearest one to our house. 7 mins
on peut!


Pleasure said…
wah..nmpak sedap makanan tu semua...

crixerity said…
salam. akhirnya berupdate juga ye. wah, dah m ula menulis french. semalam baru guna french untuk ToK(macam falsafah) esay saya. hehe. :)

frnch classified things by follows their gender right?
Qurrata 'Ayun said…
> Pleasure,

yummy! Alhamdulillah~

> Crixerity,

Waalaikumussalam. heh, memang pun..akhirnya. Im not like u who is able to update once for every two days! hebat.
Yup. If the word is feminine (with 'e' at the end like 'ta marbuta' in arabic), then the sentence must be feminine. E.g. Mon pere (my dad) and ma mere (my mum). MON for masculine, MA for feminine.