Little things: Pusat Asasi UIAM ||

Interested to see how UIA PJ Campus look like? There's absolutely no need to travel milesss to get an insight of it, just point the arrow on your computer screen to the PLAY button of these videos and you'll feel like you're here!

*The first post regarding UIA PJ is the post before this*

The videos are taken using the so-called tricopter(?) or helicopter which has the size about your study table by the CFS ITD (Info Tech Dept) guy. One of the guys who built that said most people thought the little helicopter is like typical one where little boys control it using remote-control. The truth is it has a video camera attached...which is why everyone looks all relaxed here. No posing, No showing off, No faking!


The big building in front of CFS gate is Pharmaceutical factory or research centre...I think. Right side of CFS is Pasar Malam Selasa area where you can see quite a lot foreigners shopping(stall-ing?) Malaysian foods. The best thing is they have aiskrim goreng (fried ice-cream). Facing Pasar Malam is JayaOne, the nearest place to CFS to do groceries. Mid-Valley is also quite close to here...15-20 mins by bus.


You know what, you can ask me things around Swansea or T.I but not PJ. The only places I've been to are Mid, JayaOne, Pasar Malam and KL-Sentral...LoL. I was a lost tourist without a map and is still the one :P

See you again inshallah (;



kaki besi said…
Fried ice-cream?

Upload the photo please.^^
I never heard about fried ice-cream before. -.-"
Qurrata 'Ayun said…
err how come a person who lives in Malaysia longer than I do, don't know about this? o.O

ok will do inshallah! tapi lambat sikit since pasar malam is only on Tuesday.

when r u flying?
kaki besi said…
I think the ice cream only exists in Selangor. :P

InsyaAllah in january 2013. Do pray for me. :D
Anonymous said…
As salam. Can I have the details bout the mahallah, rooms, etc. How many student in each room? Double decker beds? They have bathroom in each room?

Hope you reply to this comment. Thank you :)
Qurrata 'Ayun said…
Check this out

Shared bathrooms, shared bedrooms (up to 4 persons depending on which mahallah u choose)
Qurrata 'Ayun said…
wsalam. sorry I thought I reply this already.

have u read this?

ranging from 2-4 persons per room for girls' mahallah. double decker beds, shared bathrooms. Don't put a high expectation please..cos Im afraid u'll be dissapointed.