A minute to discover

I acknowledged an interesting point yesterday. This is what always happen when you meet somebody like Syeikh Abdullah Yassin :)

You know what, the question of "WHERE IS ALLAH?" should not be questioned. More interestingly, to state that Allah is 'everywhere' is absolutely wrong. The word 'WHERE' is indicated to a place and like what Muslims believe (the truth), Allah is the only creator of this world. Undoubtedly, he created any place in the world. Human only know there are a number of galaxies but Allah knows all knowledge beyond human knowledge.

So, stop thinking WHERE IS ALLAH? Instead, think WHO IS ALLAH and get to know Allah better.

Even though it seems pretty simple, but it obviously has something to do with our Faiths, our Iman. One step you come closer to Allah, thousands steps Allah approaches you. Step up!


Ariff Dean said…
step up, yes!
nice post, haven't heard from u lately :)
PrinCeSs NuR said…
dalam otak macam2 nak burst out, bile nak tulis, hancuss..hehe