Sang Blooger berjuanglah II

When I say...I am a blogger
Doesn't mean I can write anything
I have no such authority, which is why Allah bestowed us guidance through Al-Qur'an & Rasulullah pbuh.

When I say...I am a blogger,
I'm not boasting of success
But I would love to trigger people's mind and to fill the intellectual space.

When I say...I am a blogger,
I'm not declaring to be perfect
In my humble opinion, I still need everyone's advices.

WHICH is why I AM here.


~PakKaramu~ said…
Pak karamu melawat blog anda
Pleasure said…
yes, u r a blogger

yes u r humble opinion person

n u r .... too
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Qurratul 'ain said…

n u r NABILAH! heheh