Friday, 7 August 2009

Perpetuate the 45th

Earlier this month 2/8 marked the very day Ayah was born. I incredibly wanted to make something anachronistic hence I made a burnt-sugar cake and a custard cake. Seriously who makes a burnt-sugar cake for birthday? Moi. I can't opine how the taste was though.LOL =D


1) An artistic fella, he so very is. From making a cartoon comic, painting, drawing, writing TV and radio film scripts, poems, organizing entertainment programs and so on. He is so into this which unfortunately, I don't inherit any.

2) He has an immense passion for peanut. This includes peanut butter, peanut cookies, salted peanuts; whatever peanuts! Thus this passion creeping into every one's heart in my family.

3) Last year, when Ayah introduced us to Tun Dr Lim Keng Yaik after his interview, he said "This is my family; my wife, my daughters and niece". Eyeing him with a disbelief look, he went, "What, you are married(!)".

Happy Birthday my Superdaddy. Thanks for teaching me to live in a moderation. Sayang Ayah!

Ayah always advices us that "The hardest struggle is tarbiyyah yourself to fight lust"

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