A year already; Al Fatihah..

Someone had told me that if you are deeply missing someone who is no longer alive, generously recite Al Fatihah for that person.

Which I did.

Today's date shows that it's been a year my embah (grandpa) left me, left us. How time flies when you still hesitate to move on with life. Still, his easygoing smile and endless advices are alive in my memory as fresh as a morning daisy.

A few weeks before he was gone, he loved to hear his grandchildren sing Seroja song and he would cry afterwards. Simply because the song reminded him of his beloved grandchildren. There was one time where we made up a lyric cos we thought he was mad at us (and it turned out he didn't). It goes "Maafkan kami x4, Wahailah embah, janganlah marah, kami rela haii kena ketuk. Wahailah embah, janganlah merajuk, we are so sorry, we love you so much~"

He always adviced his children and grandchildren that;

1. Don't miss the prayers
2. Recite Al-quran frequently
3. Respect parents and teachers
4. Be friends with well mannered people
5. Always practice good manners

I remember your eyes teared up as a sign missing me,
And now my eyes tear up as a sign of how greatly I miss you.

12 August 09.


Pleasure said…
kembalinya arwah sgt2 terkesan dlm diri byla yer...
Qurrata 'Ayun said…
> Pleasure,
yeah, it changed myself a lot. I see things differently after he was gone.
Pleasure said…
more matured i guess
gud 4 u