Its snowinggggggg! =D

*UPDATED on Feb 14*

Well, yeah. It was snowing. The heaviest one for the last 18 years in UK! Despite of the heavy snow, I did manage myself to go to school. If you remark me as a 'good girl' by doing this, I suppose you will get your message across a bit later. Slightly behind it, it is because we had photographer session is the reason I went to school and was planning to come home afterwards even though I didn't. (I can't believe I can be this thoughtful) haha!

So then, the tomorrow's morning I tried to be a little bit of an A* student - with an intention to dig the knowledge in school. But, the school stopped me to go (they text me up) - that school was off. GRINNING.

Have a close look of her left eye!


Ariff Dean said…
tht's the best you can do? :)
snow, must be real fun there
while here baru ja nk start musim kemarau T_T
PrinCeSs NuR said…
no la
kebetulan snow
post saja laa b4 i went2skool.
me said…
dik.... akak xpenah pegang snow pn... bestnye..hehe. take care there!
PrinCeSs NuR said…
insyaAllah akak! take care too